Hillary’s Words, Interpeted

As Hillary Clinton puts forth her position on various issues, I will provide an intrepretation of what she means.  I need to do this because Hillary never comes right out and says what she plans to do.  Evidence of this was the last debate in which she ducked every issue.  What is most likely to happen is that Bill will begin to explain what she did or did not mean when she gets caught on an issue.

 For example, when Hillary says she is for increasing the number of children covered by SCHIP, what she is not saying is that under her plan she will cover illegals.  The result, you pay for the health care of persons that are here illegally.

Hillary Staffer Plants Questions

Last night at an Iowa caucus a Clinton staffer planted a question on global warming.  A local college student was told to ask a specific question of Hillary.  This raises yet another question about Hillary’s honesty.  You don’t hear these type of honesty questions about Obama or Edwards.  Remember, her record is one of dodging tough questions and outright lies.

 So now we find they done it before, in April.  We’ll hear about a few more instances of Hillary planting questions in the coming weeks, but then it will fade as the next Clinton scandal breaks.  Ask yourself, if she’s so tough, why must Bill rush out there and defend her in every instance.  Can’t she do this for herself.  What happens when she’s in the White House and in a tough negotiation?  Will Bill jump out of the closet and take up for her with Putin???