Who Wears the Apron, Hillary or Bill?

The negatives just keep piling on, and this from the liberal Boston Globe:

The Boston Globe’s Venocchi skewers Clinton’s “kitchen strategy.” “TAKE OFF that apron, Hillary. Democrats want a winning presidential candidate, not a gourmet cook.” Venocchi calls the women’s vote “famously fickle” and Clinton “already has a gender gap problem. More than half the married men in a new USA Today/Gallup Poll said they definitely wouldn’t vote for her.” She also cites Clinton’s lead shrinking in New Hampshire in the latest Marist poll from 21 points over Obama to 11 now.

Hillary’s Plant-Gate – Updated, It Won’t Go Away

The New York Times on Plant-gate: “At two campaign events in Iowa this year, aides to Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton encouraged audience members to ask her specific questions.

 It just won’t go away.  Who will Bill bash next?

GRINNELL, Iowa (CNN) — The college student who says she was told what question to ask at one of Sen. Hillary Clinton’s campaign events told CNN Monday that she wasn’t the only one at the event who was a plant and said “voters have the right to know what really happened.”http://politicalticker.blogs.cnn.com/2007/11/13/student-given-question-for-clinton-i-just-want-honesty/

In a later update, this particular college student told a reporter that severn other students were given “planted” questions to ask Hillary.  So much for it only happened once.  Is this Hillary’s “I didn’t inhale?”

Michael Crowley Explains Hillary’s Bunker Mentality

 Every wonder how the Hillary campaign gets so much positive press.  Michael Crowley reveals their strategy.  Notice how Tim Russert wimped out after the last debate.  Bet Tim never asks Hillary another tough question.

The New Republic
Bunker Hillary by Michael Crowley
Clinton’s strategy for crushing the media.
Post Date Monday, November 12, 2007

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Negatives Add Up For Hillary

First it was the debate debacle. Then it was the girl being ganged up on by the “boys”. Then Bill said she got “swift boated”. Then Hillary said she was for Spitzer’s plan to give licenses to illegals in NY, after seeming to say she was against it (sort of like Kerry,s I was for it before I was against it). Then its planted questions, denied, then we found there were more earlier. Now its I’m taking the high road while my dupes sling mud. And they plan to send Bill out for damage control. Who will we be voting for? Bill or Hillary?