Nevada Debate Predictions & Results

Here’s what will happen tonight:

  1. Wolf Blitzer will dodge asking Hillary any tough questions, but will claim he did, based on his definition of hardball questions and followup.  Calling Mr. Russert!  Wolfie choked in the clutch, didn’t ask tough followup questions.  My guess, Bill took Wolf out behind the wood shed.
  2. Hillary will be somewhat shrill, trying to prove she’s tough as one of the “boys”.  The shrillness won’t go unnoticed by some of the pundits.  Hillary was shrill once, maybe twice, but mostly ignored, or given a pass by Blitzer.
  3. Scheduling the debate on Thursday minimizes the amount of “negative” press, as most people tune out on Friday and Saturday.  By Sunday it will be all old news.  Have to wait and see.
  4. No mistakes by any one candidate, although Obama is on the verge of having a bad debate, tonight, or the next one.  Hillary, Obama and Edwards stayed safe; others don’t matter.
  5. Edwards will take a few shots at Hillary, but like a poor archer, he won’t quite hit the mark.  I hit the mark on this one.
  6. Obama will attempt a few shots at Hillary, but he just does not have the killer instinct.  I hit the mark again.

There was no clear winner.


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