Obama, Edwards Attack On Hillary Effective

Many have questioned if going negative would have any effect on Hillary’s apparent nomination.  Dick Morris, who probably knows Hillary and Bill better than just about any other pundit, has this to say, “Months ago, Edwards was ahead, but Clinton had developed an increasing lead – until her recent dismal debate performance sent her fortunes diving.”  http://www.townhall.com/columnists/DickMorrisandEileenMcGann/2007/11/15/iowa_and_beyond_no_safe_bets_in_08

Now don’t thing for a minute that the result is all because of Obama and Edwards attacks, it isn’t, and here’s why.  Obama’s attacks are never carried to the degree needed to do lasting harm.  He just does not have the political killer instinct.  Edwards attacks are more agressive, and he is relentless.  But Edwards attacks from the trail lawyer angle, trying to prove the other person is guilty by pointing out negatives.  Neither has the unrelenting, attack from all sides and angles, get dirty killer instinct of successful politicians.

Many you have wondered, where are the “swift-boat” attacks on Hillary?  It’s too early.  Let Obama and Edwards do the light weight attacking and see if she survives Iowa.  Swift-boating won’t come until Hillary is the clear nomination.  Ads are being developed as we speak, based in part on some cleaver negative polling in Iowa to see what grabs the public.

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