CNN Caves, Hillary Stuggles In Iowa

CNN Caves to Hillary, But She’ll Still Struggle in Iowa, so says Dick Morris, the one pundit that knows Hillary best.,2933,311986,00.html

 Morris goes on to make the case that Hillary’s inability to give straight answers will dog her through Iowa and beyond.


4 Responses

  1. Really ! Who can anyone trust these days. Research on any political candidate should be thorough by oneself and not be left to consumption of soundbites and manipulation .

    . I started to watch a series of movies friday evening and it is now sunday morning 04:19 and im tired but new neural networks have been created in my bonce even though I am tired.

    The movies totaled around eight hours of footage , some having never been seen before so i have been informed.

    The movie is “Evidence of revision” and is in five parts and can be found here ;

    U.S. politics from the inside. Covering the Kennedy years up to Jamestown. Well worth a watch for those who have a stomache for such things.

    Kenny born lad abroad

  2. My apologies for writing once more. For those interested in this movie part 4 may be impossable to find so i include link to this now.

  3. Hillary Clinton will be the Democratic nominee and she will do whatever…whatever it takes to win. She kicked Obama and Edward’s a** . For all the hype about change in the electorate…Hillary and Rudolph just don’t cut it.

  4. He says she says something!!!

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