Hillary Acting As If She Has Nomination Wrapped Up

Knoxville, Ia. – Acting as if she had already left her Democratic rivals in the dust, Hillary Clinton turned her sights on the Republican presidential candidates this morning during an Iowa campaign event.

“I cannot wait to get on the stage to debate the Republican nominee as we make the case for change, and they argue for the status quo. To them, it’s leave no Bush economic policy behind,” she said at a campaign rally in a school gymnasium in Knoxville, a town located about 50 miles southeast of Des Moines.


How Would Hillary or Obama Deal With This???

Nov. 19 (Bloomberg) — Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez brought his revolutionary zeal to the cartel that controls 40 percent of the world’s oil, urging fellow members at a weekend summit to fight against “imperialism” and “exploitation.”

 “Iran and Venezuela, because they have ideological differences with the U.S., are trying to drag the other OPEC members into the conflict, by appealing to solidarity against imperialism and aggression,” said John Sfakianakis, chief economist at the Saudi British Bank in Riyadh and formerly a research fellow at Harvard University’s Center for Middle Eastern Studies.


 Any guesses as to how Hillary or Obama would deal with this issue?

Nancy Pelosi Forcing Salvation Army to Hire People Who Can’t Speak English

Pelosi goes too far

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has moved to kill an amendment that would protect employers from federal lawsuits for requiring their workers to speak English. Among the employers targeted by such lawsuits: the Salvation Army.