Do The Bloggers Have Hillary’s Number? Lesbian Affair with Huma Abedin?

Hillary Clinton’s lesbian scandal comes into public eye again

Here’s a smapling of what bloggers are saying about Hillary’s lesbian affair, rumors of which go back to Arkansas when it was reported that Vince Foster covered for her at the Rose Law Firm, then again at the White House. 

Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton was said to have a lesbian relationship with her aide, Huma Abedin.

Aide Huma Abedin, Hillary Clinton Lesbian Love Affair Rumors Explode So is happily married Hillary hopping in the sack with Muslim female aide Huma Abedin? My guess is yes. Note the following blog entries and stories that have been following the story:Thursday, November 01, 2007 Hillary’s Lesbian Affair with Muslim Aide? I saw this tease tease teaser at Ace yesterday (no not this one) and knew it was just a matter of time before the bomb dropped. A sex scandal (woo hoo) of a top presidential candidate. Sounds salacious. Well it is. Check this out. No, no not this sex scandal, this one.This is from Michael Musto. I used to read him religiously when he was at Paper a zillion lifetimes ago — his stuff is legit. Nothing has been confirmed (!) but this is as juicy as juicy gets in the sordid sex scandal department. Who’d a thunk that Hiillary could have out sex scandaled the old hound dog. Ouch! Looks like Obama ’08. Boy those Democrats sure have been busy.And if anyone would know, wouldn’t it be the king – er, queen – of the Village Voice:“As I recently said on Monica Crowley’s radio show, whisper campaigns are claiming that Hillary Clinton is Gayle King-ing her aide de camp, the glamorous Huma Abedin, an Indian/Pakistani goddess from Kalamazoo, Michigan.“In other words, Hillary may be putting Huma out there in the press and purposely making her more visible as a pre-emptive strike that amounts to her hiding in plain sight. This way, no Republican can later say, “Who is this gorgeous babe who spends so much intimate time with Hillary that the Observer called her Hill’s ‘body person’? Was Gennifer Flowers’ book right about Hillary’s sexual taste?”And does either of this couple have the balls to bottom?” Hillary GAYLE KING-ing Huma Abedin?As I recently said on MONICA CROWLEY’s radio show, whisper campaigns are claiming that HILLARY CLINTON is GAYLE KING–ing her aide de camp, the glamorous HUMA ABEDIN, an Indian/Pakistani goddess from Kalamazoo, Michigan. In other words, Hillary may be putting Huma out there in the press and purposely making her more visible as a pre-emptive strike that amounts to her hiding in plain sight. This way, no Republican can later say, “Who is this gorgeous babe who spends so much intimate time with Hillary that the Observer called her Hill’s ‘body person’? Was GENNIFER FLOWERS’s book right about Hillary’s sexual taste?” And does either of this couple have the balls to bottom?BigHeadDC posts a picture of “Abedin trailing Clinton and gay talk show host Ellen DeGeneres during a recent “girl’s only” trip to NYC.”We’re still a bit incredulous on this one, but a top level U.S. Department of  Justice official is telling Big Head DC that Michael  Musto’s rumor  about Hillary Clinton fooling around with one of her top female  aides Huma Abedin is based in reality!“I am close enough to Hillary and Huma to tell you that this ‘rumor’ is true,” the official says. “It is well known inside her campaign that Hillary and Huma are an item.

America Hates Hillary Clinton

America Hates Hillary Clinton

And this from the Telegraph, Mrs Clinton might be the frontrunner in the polls, but almost everywhere we went people questioned her candidacy. Many stated bluntly that they did not want a woman in charge.  “She couldn’t keep her own home together, so how can we trust her to manage America?” asked Micki Martinson, a housewife in Somerset, Pennsylvania.  While we found many people who hated Mrs Clinton, those who loved her were few and far between.  “I’m always amazed how we can screw things up,” said Steve Ayers, a coffee-shop owner in Hannibal. “Maybe the way we screw it up this time is by nominating Hillary – across the Midwest that would be the only way of unifying Republicans.”Although Mr Clinton is no longer the villain he was for many in the late 1990s, there was precious little evidence of nostalgia for the Clinton years – another alarm bell for the Hillary campaign.Apart from the war on terror, the issue we were confronted by again and again was illegal immigration – a preoccupation of Democratic as well as Republican voters. “We did everything legally and so should they,” said Ljiljana Zezelj, 38, a new citizen from Croatia. “Nothing will work in this country until we secure our borders,” said Laura Dietz, a retiree in Phoenix, Arizona.Is this what the polls are NOT telling us?;jsessionid=HXOG5ZDB4KFEHQFIQMFSFGGAVCBQ0IV0?xml=/news/2007/11/24/wamerica124.xml&page=2

HOT! HOT! Hillary Accused of Affair with Huma Abedin HOT! HOT!

Sun Nov 25 2007 20:45:12 ET
The TIMES of London starts 'The Ugliest Month' with a full page photo takeout on Hillary Clinton and her beautiful aide.

"Hillary Clinton has been accused of having an affair with Huma Abedin," reads the caption.

The splash stunned British readers and angered campaign insiders.

"This does not even qualify as tabloid trash... it's ridiculous and reckless," a Hillary confidante explained over the weekend.

The paper made no claims to knowing the truth of the relationship between Hillary and Huma, in its story headlined: "Snarls, smears and innuendo as attack dogs get ready for the fray." Matt Drudge promises more . . . Is this the “Bombshell”?  Will another Clinton say, "I did not have sex with that woman . . ."

Obama, “Hillary Does Not Have Enough Confidence In the American People”

DUNLAP, IA — At an event here today, Obama said that Hillary Clinton “didn’t have enough confidence in the American people” when she was trying to pass health care in 1993.

Obama frequently criticizes Clinton for trying to pass health care behind closed doors in 1993.  To demonstrate a contrast with her, he often says he’ll put the entire process on C-SPAN. This is the first time, though, he has used the word “confidence” to describe Clinton’s effort in 1993. He also placed as much blame on Clinton for failure in passing health care reform as he did the health industry.

Obama also returned to the issue of drivers’ licenses for illegal immigrants, after a voter asked him about his support for a bill that provided licenses to illegal immigrants in Illinois. Obama turned the issue into one of public safety, saying that he supported the issue because he wanted to protect American citizens.

“When I was in Illinois,” he told the man who asked the question, “I voted for a provision that would require them to get drivers licenses because they were running around without insurance, without paperwork… So if they hit you there was no recourse, so I want to protect you.”

In a reference to Hillary, Obama said, “This election is about the judgment and the character of the next president,” Obama told the crowd, adding, “We have a bunch of folks like that in Washington, who don’t tell the America people what they really believe.”

Obama also said jokingly as he took questions, “These questions have not been pre-screened or pre-recorded.”

HOT! Obama: My wife sees need for rural gun ownership

It has been reported that Obama’s wife has a chip on her shoulder for whites.  Does the following fit, and is Michelle sterotyping Iowans?  Guns in Iowa are OK, but not in Chicago?

HARLAN, Iowa — From his days of campaigning in Downstate Illinois, Sen. Barack Obama has been asked plenty of times about his views on gun ownership. But the Illinois Democrat and presidential candidate added a new wrinkle Saturday night while campaigning in conservative-leaning western Iowa, when he said his Chicago-native wife, Michelle, recently commented that she could see why rural folks might want to own guns.Here was Obama’s discussion of gun ownership and his wife’s thoughts during a campaign stop at a middle school:“We should be able to combine respect for those traditions with our concern for kids who are being shot down. This is a classic example of us just applying some common sense, just being reasonable, right? And reasonable would say that lawful gun owners – I respect the Second Amendment. I think lawful gun owners should be able to hunt, be sportsmen, protect their families.“And by the way, Michelle, my wife, she was traveling up, I think, in eastern Iowa, she was driving through this nice, beautiful area, going through all this farmland and hills and rivers and she said ‘Boy, it’s really pretty up here,’ but she said, ‘But you know, I can see why if I was living out here, I’d want a gun. Because, you know, 911 is going to take some time before somebody responds. You know what I mean? You know, it’s like five miles between every house.’ “So the point is, though, we should be able to do that, and we should be able to enforce laws that keep guns off the streets in inner cities because some unscrupulous gun dealer is, you know, letting somebody load up a van with a bunch of cheap handguns or sawed-off shotguns and dumping them and selling them for a profit in the streets.”

Democratic Debate Boo-Birds Revealed, Harry Reid To Blame?

The following was reported by a Nevada Democratic caucus blogger: The Reids (Senator Harry and son Rory, who is the Nevada Democratic Party chairman)  are at the top of an old-fashioned state political machine that displayed its effectiveness in delivering for Hillary last week at Thursday’s Democratic debate and the party’s Jefferson Jackson Dinner. The party machine provided an enthusiastically unrestrained audience for Hillary and a hostile environment for her principal opponents. It has been reported elsewhere how the booing during the debate came from the area occupied by Democratic Party ticket holders associated with Dina Titus, failed 2006 candidate for governor and an ardent Hillary backer. And these are the people with the greatest influence on organizing the party’s caucus in two months.

Obama and Edwards are against the Reid party machine in Nevada.

Nevada Democratic Caucus Looks Like Another Harry Reid Failure

Here are some numbers from the Research2000 poll of likely voters in Nevada, November 16-19:

70% of Democrats following the race now, with 30% “not too closely”.
19% of Democrats claim they will “definitely” caucus and 21% claim
they will “probably” do so. 60% are unlikely to caucus. Many in Nevada are new to the state, with a lot from California, and are not familiar with the caucus process, which in Nevada is complex.

In Iowa, a long time caucus state, only 15-20% of Democrats normally turn out.

One caucus blog is reporting that Hillary has overplayed her hand in Nevada by  pissing off a lot of grassroots volunteers.  The charge is that volunteers not approved by Hillary are being pushed aside as caucus chairs.  Nevada Democratic voters may be looking to throw their support to Obama or Edwards, because of the heavy-handed Clinton tactics.
Obama has the best grassroots effort going in Nevada with support from many of those that previously supported Bill Clinton and then Al Gore.

This was reported by one Nevada caucus blog, “At most party events, the Obama campaign has no tables, no signs and no visible staff presence.”
 Are the Obama workers, as the blogger states, “deliberately keeping their organization below the radar. Or is it restricted to the predominantly African-American “westside” and North Las Vegas?  Thats what the Democratic volunteers I talk to are thinking about.”

The blogger continues, “A variety of factors combine to make this state one of the most difficult places in the US to operate politically. In fact, one has to wonder whether the Democratic Party fully understood what it was agreeing to in August 2006, when it decided to anoint Nevada as an “early state”. Nevada is considered a “swing-state,” but except for Bill Clinton’s victories in 1992 and 1996, it voted Republican in every other Presidential election since 1980. Also, its current governor and junior senator are both Republicans. The tradition of political apathy fits neatly with the state’s economic mainstay. So, in gaming parlance, Nevada’s political elite, particularly Harry Reid and his son Rory, are playing “high stakes” with their state’s image and personal reputations. While the current odds do not favor Obama, in the end it may be his campaign that lends needed legitimacy to the Nevada caucus.  One objective, which the Party’s senior elected official Senator Harry Reid wants is to ensure a successful caucus that enhances Nevada’s political importance. A flawed caucus would seriously damage the national standing of both the Nevada Democratic Party and Harry Reid. And his image is already suffering from a less-than stellar record of achievement to date as leader of a majority in the Senate that failed to deliver on its 2006 election mandate.  The second objective is being pursued by Rory Reid, the senator’s son who is trying to carve out a larger space for himself in Nevada state politics (currently dominated by his father). Rory is State Campaign Chairman for Hillary Clinton, and his overriding objective is to get her elected. Rory Reid is ideally positioned as Commission Chairman for Clark County, home to most of the state’s population and the gaming industry centered in Las Vegas. He also perfectly epitomizes my theory that, in general (and with apologies to the many sincerely committed people with whom I worked in the Clinton Administration), Obama attracts idealists, while the Clintons attract opportunists.

The Nevada Democratic caucus could prove to be a national embarrassment to Harry Reid as he rolls the dice for greater national influence.  Prediction:  The Nevada caucus will be another Harry Reid failure, due to many new voters in Nevada, no history of strong caucus attendance, apathy, lack of overall caucus organization, a transient population, no sense of community.  Look for low turnout.  The state party has yet to name all the caucus polling sites!

Hillary Struggles With Image In Iowa

Today’s Wall Street Journal features a page-one story about Mr. Obama’s chief rival, Hillary Rodham Clinton. Her campaign is struggling to create a stronger, more likeable image in Iowa, the only state where they are neck and neck in the polls. Now, her party foes are nervous and even desperate as the days dwindle to the first, potentially make-or-break vote in Iowa, the only state where polls show a tight race. They are all firing at her, aiming where she is most vulnerable — her reputation as too cautious and calculating. As Iowa caucus goers watch and listen to Hillary, Obama and Edwards, they are forming opinions and because of how the caucus goers vote, the person in second place may wind up in first place.  As followers of the third, forth and fifth place candidates have to re-focus their caucus votes, if their candidate gets less than 15%, the person in second place may pick up the most of those votes.  This is why Barack Obama recently asked a Dodd supporter in Iowa if he could please be her second choice.

Hillary, Obama & Edwards, Bad Blood Revisited

Here are a few of the not-so-nice assertions Democratic candidates made of one another during recent weeks in Iowa:

• Obama told a group of union leaders that Clinton and John Edwards’ past statements show they are inconsistent on labor issues. Staff for both Clinton and Edwards said Obama took the comments out of context. Edwards, for example, made statements regarding right-to-work laws in 1998 about North Carolina’s law and was not referring to national policy, his aides pointed out. Ultimately, members of United Auto Workers Region 4 recommended an Obama endorsement to their national council.

• Clinton criticized Obama’s statements that his experience living in Indonesia as a child would better prepare him to deal with foreign policy as president. She highlighted her own experiences, saying: “Now, voters will judge whether living in a foreign country at the age of 10 prepares one to face the big, complex international challenges we will face.”

• Edwards called Obama’s promise to bring change to Washington politics a “fantasy.” Edwards, while campaigning in eastern Iowa, said Obama’s goal to dull the power of lobbyist groups is misguided. “The notion that these entrenched interests are going to compromise away their powers is a fantasy,” Edwards said. An ABC News/Washington Post poll released in the past week showed Obama edging Clinton among likely Iowa caucus-goers by 30 percent to 26 percent. Edwards had 22 percent.

Hillary The Parser

By Patrick HealyFORT DODGE, Iowa – The curious relationship between Hillary Rodham Clinton, presidential candidate, and Rupert Murdoch, media baron, flashed briefly before the eyes of Iowans on Saturday night during a Clinton campaign event.A woman in the audience rose to ask Mrs. Clinton about Mr. Murdoch’s ownership of multiple media outlets (Fox News, the New York Post, soon the Wall Street Journal, and various other organs), and also whether Americans would “lose out democracy” if one person is in control of the media.And Mrs. Clinton played both sides in her answer, responding sympathetically to the woman’s concern about media consolidation, but also making clear that she wasn’t singling out “any company in particular” for condemnation.Once again, Hillary has parsed her words to fit both sides of an issue.

Donna Brazile Asks, Do you want Bill back in the White House?”

“I think it’s going to come down to: Do you really want Bill Clinton back in the White House?” said Donna Brazile, who ran Democrat Al Gore’s 2000 presidential campaign.

NY Gov “Eliot Mess” – A Preview of a Hillary Whitehouse?

Eliot Spitzer, NY Governor and Hillary Clinton pal is having a difficult first term, beset with scandal, and making mistakes because of his lack of experience, is this a snap shot of what a Hillary Clinton adminstration would look like?  Would it be worst with Obama and Oprah in the Whitehouse?  If there is a scandal bombshell next year, how will it effect Hillary?

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) — He was once untouchable. Eliot Spitzer barreled into the New York governor’s office barely 11 months ago riding a record-setting wave of popularity. Time magazine had named him “Crusader of the Year” when he was attorney general and the tabloids proclaimed him “Eliot Ness.”The “Sheriff of Wall Street” who had made corporate titans cower then pay up for their misdeeds was going to take the same no-nonsense approach to fixing one of the country’s worst governments.But then he got to work, and hasn’t had but a handful of good days since. At the Capitol, he’s been hit with scandal and derided as a rich brat who doesn’t play well with others. “Eliot’s Mess,” mocked the tabloids.The low point came two weeks ago when, battered in the polls and amid concerns that he was threatening to unhinge Hillary Rodham Clinton’s presidential bid, he surrendered on his plan to give driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants.Instead of a rising political star, he is now seen as the standard for rapid political collapse.“It is very, very unusual for someone to dive this far, that quickly,” said Democratic strategist Hank Sheinkopf, who worked on President Clinton’s successful re-election campaign in 1996 and handled Spitzer’s ads in his first two campaigns.