HOT! HOT! Hillary Accused of Affair with Huma Abedin HOT! HOT!

Sun Nov 25 2007 20:45:12 ET
The TIMES of London starts 'The Ugliest Month' with a full page photo takeout on Hillary Clinton and her beautiful aide.

"Hillary Clinton has been accused of having an affair with Huma Abedin," reads the caption.

The splash stunned British readers and angered campaign insiders.

"This does not even qualify as tabloid trash... it's ridiculous and reckless," a Hillary confidante explained over the weekend.

The paper made no claims to knowing the truth of the relationship between Hillary and Huma, in its story headlined: "Snarls, smears and innuendo as attack dogs get ready for the fray." Matt Drudge promises more . . . Is this the “Bombshell”?  Will another Clinton say, "I did not have sex with that woman . . ."

3 Responses

  1. Bill Clinton confirms it: Hillary is a lesbian.

    From Robert Morrow – Clinton expert Austin, TX 512-306-1510

    Bill Clinton says Hillary has “probably eaten more pussy than I have.”

    People ask: Is Hillary a lesbian? Yes. More precisely she is bisexual, although some folks would describe her as more of an anger-filled, androgynous witch at this point. In Arkansas, back in the 1970’s, folks thought for sure Hillary was a lesbian. If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck and acts like a duck … it’s a duck! Hillary made a point of dressing down, has a abusive,sewer mouth like a sailor or drill sergeant and tolerated, even cover for Bill’s gargantuan womanizing.

    There have been many, many “rumors” over the years about Hillary being a lesbian. She is a lesbian; more precisely Hillary is a bisexual. Hillary was screwing her law partners Webb Hubbell; she even once said to the Clinton inner circle “I gotta get in Rose … I’m gonna fuck Hubbell.” [Why the Clintons Belong in Prison, Melrose Larry Green, p.270].

    I have every book EVER written on the Clintons and in my opinion Chelsea is probably the seed of Webb Hubbell, NOT Bill Clinton. Probably. Both Webb Hubbell and Chelsea have unusually big lips; Bill does not.

    Secondly, after Hillary was screwing Webb Hubbell, she had a long and very intense affair with Vince Foster who was Hillary’s lover, best friend, teacher, confidant and most importantly emotional husband while wild Bill was out screwing every woman within a 15 foot radius. A lot of people think Hillary was some sort of a victim of Bill and Monica and she “stood by her man.” What they are going to find out is Hillary is a bisexual who has had many affairs with women, probably had Chelsea with Webb Hubbell and definitely was screwing Vince Foster her closest friend. One reason Vince Foster committed suicide in July, 1993 was because Hillary shunned him when they got to Wash, DC and would not even talk with Vince the last month as he was spiraling down into a suicidal depression. After a couple of Wall Street Journal editorials about him, Foster was mortified that his very long affair with Hillary might become public.

    Hillary’s response: give the stiff arm to Vince, rejecting him in his time of greatest need; he was so depressed he could barely function and was like a walking zombie at work in the White House. Then he blew his brains out on July 20, 1993. Another victim of Clinton black widow spiders.

    Gennifer Flowers wrote a book, Passion and Betrayal, which came out in 1995. Bill Clinton emphatically and very clearly told Gennifer that Hillary was a lesbian.

    So, is Hillary a lesbian? Gennifer Flowers describes when Gennifer asked Bill if Hillary were a lesbian:

    “There’s something you need to know. I’ve been hearing tales around town that Hillary is having another thing with a woman.” I watched his face to see his reaction, and couldn’t believe it when he burst out laughing. I was stunned! I asked him what was so funny. “Honey,” he said, “she’s probably eaten more pussy than I have.”

    Bill said he had known for a long time that Hillary was attracted to women, and it didn’t really bother him anymore. His first clue came from her lack of enjoyment of sex with him. She didn’t like to experiment and insisted on the missionary position and nothing else. Because she wasn’t enjoying herself; neither was he. Sex with her became a duty; nothing more.”

    [Gennifer Flowers, Passion and Betrayal, p.42]

    In fact, Bill would often respond to his buddies who questioned his massive amounts of affairs by saying “Hillary has eaten more pussy than I have.”

    Chelsea is probably the seed of

    Webb Hubbell, not Bill Clinton

    Webb has BIG lips – Chelsea has BIG lips; Bill has thin lips

    Hillary mocks others; but Hillary defines a Jerry Springer lifestyle

    “I gotta get in Rose [Law Firm] … I’m gonna fuck Hubbell.”

    Check out post #207 on this FreeRepublic web link to see a photo of the strikingly similar Webb Hubbell and Chelsea:

    Chelsea and Webb Hubbell sure do look a lot alike. If you look at a photo of a young Chelsea and a youngish Webb Hubbell, you will see that there is a striking resemblance. Webb and Chelsea both have noticeably BIG lips; Bill does not. Webb writes in his book that as a kid he overheard his father “telling guests that he did not know how it could have happened, but “Webb has nigger lips.” [Friends in High Places, p.15] Perhaps the reason Chelsea has big lips and looks like big-lipped Webb is because big-lipped Webb is her biological father. With the white trash Clintons anything is possible.

    I find it extremely revealing that in 1979 Bill found out that Hillary was pregnant by reading about it in the newspaper Arkansas Gazette which covered the press conference of Hillary’s doctor, not by being told by Hillary. [The Truth about Hillary, p.91] In what other “family” in America does the so-called “wife” (Hillary) hold a press conference to announce her pregnancy and not even tell her “husband” (Bill) that she is pregnant with what is presumed to be their first child? Unless, of course, the child is not Bill’s seed. Also, when Bill left the presidency in Jan, 2001, he pardoned everyone else, including Marc Rich and big time drug dealers, but he sure did not pardon Webb Hubbell!

    Larry Nichols, a longtime close aide to Bill, swears that Hillary and Webb had an affair. Larry says Hillary interrupted a meeting of Bill and his advisors in 1978. Hillary said “Bill, what are you doing?” Bill replied “Hill, I’m gonna run for governor!” Hillary immediately replied “I gotta get in Rose … I’m gonna fuck Hubbell.” [Why the Clintons Belong in Prison, Melrose Larry Green, p.270] Hillary may have been referring to making partner at Rose where Hubbell was a partner.

    Hillary and Bill are fond of saying that sex is mentioned over 500 times in the 473-page Starr Report, while Whitewater is not often mentioned. In Webb Hubbell’s 332-page book Webb uses the word “Hillary” 396 times! Webb says that he and Vince were “mesmerized” by Hillary and that “Bill wasn’t much of a presence in our lives.” [Hubbell, Friends in High Places, p.56]

    Hillary says that “a burly ex-football player” gave her advice on how to hold Chelsea as a baby: “Think of a baby like a football and hold it tight.” [It Takes a Village, p. 8] Hillary is probably referring to her very close friend Webb who played as an offensive tackle for the Razorbacks. Hillary who probably mated with Webb to create Chelsea, may have seen burly Webb as a father figure similar to her dad Hugh Rodham, a tough guy Navy drill instructor who played football at Penn State.

    On the night Bill lost the 1980 Arkansas’s governor’s race, Webb says he and Vince were watching Hillary on TV and “I think both of us wanted to wrap her in our arms and comfort her.” [Hubbell, p.86] (Hey, isn’t that Bill’s job – in theory?) When Bill was elected in 1992, Hillary tried to make Bill promise to appoint her very close friend Webb (and perhaps Chelsea’s blood father) to the U.S. Supreme Court if a vacancy occurred. Hillary ordered Bill to give Webb an interim appointment as the chief justice of the Arkansas Supreme Court: “Well goddam it Bill he’s my friend, you can appoint him by law, so do it!” – said Hillary. [Crossfire, p.81] Webb got the Arkansas Supreme Court appointment. After Bill was elected President in 1992, Hillary made sure that her very, very close friend (and probable father of Chelsea) Webb was made the #3 man at the Justice Department.

    In his book Webb makes a special point of mentioning Chelsea when he says how successful he felt looking out at her from the living room of his big house in the summer:

    “On summer evenings, I could sip a drink in my big living room and look out at children- including the Fosters’ and the Clintons’, when Chelsea got big enough- bouncing happily on a trampoline in the shade of my big oak trees. Such a scene made me feel successful.” [Hubbell, Friends in High Places, p.84]

    Check out post #207 on this FreeRepublic web link to see a photo of the strikingly similar Webb Hubbell and Chelsea:

    Terry McAuliffe, who is the Clintons’s very close friend and #1 fundraiser makes a point in his book of gratuitously describing Chelsea with Hillary in a receiving line at a New Year’s Eve party on 12/31/99: “The mother-daughter resemblance was strong, now that Chelsea was a poised, beautiful young woman, but then you looked over at the President and saw Chelsea’s strong resemblance to him as well.” [McAuliffe, What a Party!, p. 207] I am not buying it; Terry McAuliffe, the step-and-fetch-it water boy for the Clintons is the ONLY person I know who thinks Chelsea looks just like Bill. Everyone else I know thinks that big-lipped Chelsea looks a whole LOT like big-lipped Webb Hubbell, who Larry Nichols swears was having an affair with Hillary in the late 1970’s before Hillary became sexually and emotionally attached to Vince Foster, her other law partner.

    Webb Hubbell was given the #3 spot, associate attorney general, at the Justice Dept in early 1993 because it was not subject to Senate confirmation. Vince Foster knew a Senate confirmation of Hubbell was dangerous because info about Webb probably being the sperm donor of Chelsea might have come out in that process. Carl Bernstein in his book on Hillary gets close to this, “Foster vaguely repeated his fear that the confirmation process would hurt Hillary. He seemed to know something that Nussbaum didn’t.” [Bernstein, A Woman in Charge, p. 253]

    Foster was also terrified that his own affairs with Hillary might become public knowledge; that along with Hillary’s rejection of him the last month of his life might have contributed to his suicidal meltdown.

    Vince Foster, who was Hillary’s best friend, lover, confidant and emotional husband for over a decade, was himself the #2 guy as Deputy White House Counsel under Bernie Nussbaum. It was an open secret among Clinton insiders and the state troopers in Arkansas that Hillary and Vince were sleeping together. In sum, while Bill was out screwing HUNDREDS of women, Hillary, the 1984 Arkansas Mother of the Year, was having affairs with her Rose Law Firm law partners Vince and Webb, who is probably the sire of Chelsea, NOT wild Bill. Additionally, wild Bill told Gennifer Flowers that Hillary had “probably eaten more pussy than I have.” [Flowers, Passion and Betrayal, p. 42]

    Bill told Juanita after her raped her (no condom) in 1978 that don’t worry about getting pregnant because I had mumps as a kid and I am sterile, so perhaps this means Webb really is Chelsea’s biological father. On the other hand, Bill paid Gennifer Flowers $200 to have an abortion in Jan. 1978 and Bill is probably the deadbeat dad of Danny Williams, his son with drug addicted street hooker Bobbie Ann Williams in the mid 1980’s. Note: wild Bill was a cocaine addict in the 1980’s.

    Hillary told L.D. Brown, Bill’s favorite state trooper, after a campaign event at a county fair with some poor, rural people in bib overalls and cotton dresses, “Goddam L.D., did you see that family right out of Deliverance? Get me the hell out of here!” [Crossfire, p. 85] James Carville referred to Bill’s victim Paula Jones [Bill exposed his erect penis to her] when he said, “Drag a hundred-dollar bill through a trailer park, you never know what you’ll find.”

    State troopers Larry Patterson and L.D. Brown report white trash Hillary was definitely screwing her law partner Vince Foster from the mid-80’s onward. Mike Galster says it was common knowledge among Little Rock insiders that Hillary was having sex with Vince. If you combine Hillary’s documented domestic violence against Bill, her decades of screaming profanity, with Bill’s hundreds of affairs, including cocaine and sex orgies with street hookers (no condoms), it is clear that it is Hillary and Bill who have been living a white trash, Jerry Springer lifestyle for decades. L.D. Brown says Hillary was abusive and “could cuss like a sailor and her levels of attacks knew no bounds.” [Crossfire, p. 84] I think abusive Hillary and rapist Bill would fit in well with those inbred, low-bred hillbilly terrorists who sodomized canoeist Bobby Trippe at gunpoint in the movie Deliverance. What do you think?


    Dear American Friend,

    I have attached my “Hillary file” which is culled from the 205+ books and other media that I have on Hillary and Bill. The Clintons are thugs. On the campaign trail in 2007 Hillary and Bill are play acting as the loving, respectful couple – singing each other’s praises on stage and engaging in public affection as they troll for votes.

    In order to understand Hillary and Bill, one must first understand the wildly dysfunctional Jerry Springer lifestyle they have lived for 36 years. Hillary has covered for Bill who not only has had HUNDREDS of women, but also perpetrated several rapes and vicious sexual assaults, often involving biting the lips of the women victims. In order to cover up this Jerry Springer chaos, Hillary has often used Sopranos tactics: a secret police and criminal intimidation tactics to harass, intimidate and terrify Bill’s sex victims and girlfriends.



    These tactics include the savage beating/almost murder of Gennifer Flower’s neighbor (Gary Johnson – 6/26/92), criminal harassment campaigns on Kathleen Willey (1997-98 car vandalism, stole or killed her cat Bullseye, witness tampering), Liz Ward Gracen (who Bill probably raped [1983] while she was Miss America – harassed/threats, 1997), Gennifer Flowers (break-ins, threats, 1992), Sally Perdue (car vandalism, threats, 1992), Bobbie Ann Williams (break-in), Christy Zercher (a flight attendant, groped 1992, break-in, 1994), Patrick Knowlton (extreme harassment campaign Oct. 1995; witness tampering), Suzi Parker (a journalist harassed off Arkansas tainted prison blood scandal 1999, fearing for her life), Connie Hamzy (lying campaign, 1991) and Juanita Broaddrick (raped by Bill 1978, break-in and IRS audit when she went public in 1998). It is not a stretch to say that Hillary, Bill and Buddy Young may have organized the murder of their former contract employee Jerry Parks on 9/26/93 because he knew too much about the Clintons.

    Hillary and Bill were well on the way to crucifying Monica Lewinsky as an unstable stalker, liar and fantasist – – and would have done so if Bill’s semen had not be found on Monica’s blue dress. Hillary’s private eyes were already digging into Monica’s past, when the real story was the Clintons’ criminal track record.

    Additionally, biographer Roger Morris describes a vicious sexual assault by Bill on a woman (around 1980) on p.238 in his book Parters in Power. Journalist Michael Isikoff details a extremely crude sexual advance by President Bill in 1996 on a lady married to a Democratic VIP on p.162 of his book Uncovering Clinton. Additionally, pervert Bill exposed himself to Paula Jones in May, 1991 and also to Carolyn Moffet in 1979.

    Other Clinton dysfunctions include Bill’s cocaine addiction as governor, Hillary’s lesbianism and the fact that Chelsea is probably the seed of Webb Hubbell, NOT Bill Clinton. Bill’s only offspring is probably Danny Williams, the product of deadbeat dad Bill’s orgies with (no condoms) drug-addicted street hooker Bobbie Ann Williams and her girlfriends back in 1983-84. Bill paid $200 to Gennifer Flowers so she could have an abortion in Jan., 1978, just 3 months before Bill’s double rape of Juanita Broaddrick on 4-25-78. Bill severely bit Juanita’s lip to disable her during the rapes. Also, wild Bill, brother “Roger the Dodger” and best friend Dan Lasater were partying with high school girls and providing them cocaine when Bill was governor in the early 1980’s.

    And, of course, there is Hillary’s long and intense affair with Vince Foster who was her emotional husband while Bill was screwing everything in sight. Hillary has a long record of fomenting domestic violence with Bill. The Secret Service, fed up with this insanity, leaked to the press Hillary throwing a lamp at President Bill. Hillary has often thrown objects at victim Bill.

    Hillary has used criminal tactics such as a secret police and illegal IRS audits to go after both political enemies and Bill’s sex victims and girlfriends. It was probably Clintons’ FBI who put a rotating harassment team of 25 people on Patrick Knowlton, a witness in the Vince Foster investigation, on October 26, 1995, and continuing for a week. What the Clintons did to Patrick Knowlton was Clinton street fascism as well as witness tampering.

    This was a prelude to the intimidation campaign waged on Kathleen Willey in 1997-98 before her deposition in the Paula Jones case. Paula Jones who Bill exposed himself to, rape victim Juanita Broaddrick, probable rape victim Liz Ward Gracen, and mistress Gennifer Flowers all got audited by Clintons’ IRS in the late 1990’s.

    Floyd Brown’s offices were burglarized in 1992 and only his Clinton files were stolen. Brown’s private phone conversations were illegally wiretapped by Hillary’s goon Jack Palladino. Another one of Hillary’s thugs, Anthony Pellicano is in jail in LA for the same kind goon tactics he did for the Clintons in 1992.

    Clinton biographer Emmett Tyrrell also had his offices twice broken into and his NY apartment invaded once. The manuscript of Tyrrell’s book Boy Clinton was stolen when he couriered it to Robert Novak for a blurb. Clintons thugs tried to intimidate 2 of Tyrrell’s researchers in Little Rock.

    Also, at least one independent counsel in the 1990’s took to carrying a gun after being harassed by Clinton goons in yet another intimidation event.




    Many people close to the Clintons describe Hillary as rude, vulgar and abusive, not just with staff and co-workers, but especially with Bill who she made a sport of ridiculing, according to L.D. Brown, Bill’s favorite state trooper. Hillary is well known for making mean, vicious and personally degrading comments often towards people who work for and with her. She probably got that from her dad Hugh Rodham, a deeply disturbed man.

    Hillary and Bill are sociopaths, not unlike serial killers such as Ted Bundy. Seemingly personable and normal while brown nosing wealthy contributors or opinion makers, Hillary and Bill have no regard for the integrity and well being of others. They disregard rules and lie with practiced ease, not feeling guilt or empathy for others.

    Bill is the kind of guy who can rape your sister upstairs and then come down to the living room and tell you what a great book he has read about women’s rights. Hillary is the kind of person who can be in the kitchen calling up a secret police to terrify your rape victim sister into silence, and then come out to the living room and ask what do you think about her latest speech on women’s and children’s rights.

    Some of the goons that Hillary has used to cover up her and Bill’s Jerry Springer lifestyle and criminal activity include Ivan Duda (1982), Jerry Parks (1980’s), Jack Palladino (1992) and Anthony Pellicano (1990’s). Pellicano is now in JAIL in Los Angeles for the same kind of thug intimidation tactics that Hillary hired him for. Also, Buddy Young, the head of Bill’s trooper detail and who Bill made #2 at FEMA, is additionally a dangerous criminal that Hillary and Bill has employed in their black operations. Terry Lenzer is also someone Hillary has used extensively.

    Please forward this information to your Democratic friends and co-workers and ask that they (and you) vote for and support John Edwards, Barack OBAMA, Bill Richardson or any other Democratic candidate, and NOT Hillary. The difference is Hillary will break your kneecap to get to the White House; the others will not.

    Thank-you and have a great day!

    Robert Morrow Clinton expert Austin, TX 512-306-1510

  2. Thank you, Mr Morrow. A Clinton nomination will mean a GOP win in ’08 becausethe grass roots working people of America hate her and know her for the phoney she is. You should add some of Dick Morris’ testimony about Hitlery also. She called him a “fucking Jew bastard”, and he has allegedly outed her as a lesbian when commenting about Bill’s womanizing. How many Jewish votors & donors will support her in the general election when she goes against Rudy, who is very close to the most influential Jews? How many blacks will go to the polls for her after she does her number on Obama? She can already kiss the bubbas who voted for Bill goodbye, and there just aren’t enough hard core Stalinists and lesbians in the country to elect anybody.
    I do not really know if Bill’s womanizing is any worse than Rudy’s has been, and he is not the first Dem prez to have a lesbian wife with marxist leanings. Bill was able to run to the center, but Hill can’t do that, even if she wanted to. The general election will probably present the Dem candidate with a moderate GOP opponent, and a leftist hard-liner like Hill will not have a prayer outside the major coastal cities and other solid DEM strongholds. Especially as long as she waffles on the war in hopes of garnering some Zionist support. She already has plenty cash, now she needs to make a play for the young people and the working classes with ideas about job growth and a good energy & conservation policy.

  3. great books about hillary clinton
    their lives by candice e. jackson
    the shadow party by david horowitz
    target by kathleen willey
    hillarys secret war by richard poe
    the case agaist hillary clinton by peggy noonan
    hell to pay by barbra olson
    the final days by barbra olson
    god and hillary clinton by paul kengor
    how to destroy a village by jason d. fodaman
    high crimes by ann coulter
    madame hillary by r. emmett tyrrell jr
    hillarys scheme by carl limbacher
    the clinton crack up by r. emmett tyrrell jr
    condi vs hillary by dick morris
    rewritting history by dick morris
    bankrupt by david limbaugh
    the truth about hillary by edward klein
    unlimited access by gary adrich

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