Obama, “Hillary Does Not Have Enough Confidence In the American People”

DUNLAP, IA — At an event here today, Obama said that Hillary Clinton “didn’t have enough confidence in the American people” when she was trying to pass health care in 1993.

Obama frequently criticizes Clinton for trying to pass health care behind closed doors in 1993.  To demonstrate a contrast with her, he often says he’ll put the entire process on C-SPAN. This is the first time, though, he has used the word “confidence” to describe Clinton’s effort in 1993. He also placed as much blame on Clinton for failure in passing health care reform as he did the health industry.

Obama also returned to the issue of drivers’ licenses for illegal immigrants, after a voter asked him about his support for a bill that provided licenses to illegal immigrants in Illinois. Obama turned the issue into one of public safety, saying that he supported the issue because he wanted to protect American citizens.

“When I was in Illinois,” he told the man who asked the question, “I voted for a provision that would require them to get drivers licenses because they were running around without insurance, without paperwork… So if they hit you there was no recourse, so I want to protect you.”

In a reference to Hillary, Obama said, “This election is about the judgment and the character of the next president,” Obama told the crowd, adding, “We have a bunch of folks like that in Washington, who don’t tell the America people what they really believe.”

Obama also said jokingly as he took questions, “These questions have not been pre-screened or pre-recorded.”


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