Obama Says God Is On His Side, and He, Obama Is Heir to Civil Rights Greats!

Obama heir to the civil rights greats?  Obama couldn’t carry their jock straps.  Senator Obama, I knew the last great civil rights leader, Hosa Williams, though I would not consider him a friend, but Senator Obama, you’re no Hosa Williams. DES MOINES — Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) cast himself Sunday as a natural and necessary heir to the civil rights greats, appealing to black worshippers to show the courage of their forerunners and back his candidacy for president.

In an unannounced appearance that startled most in the African-American congregation, Obama cast his campaign in historic and even divine terms. 

He said that, like Moses, the civil rights pioneers had been to the mountaintop but did not reach the promised land, leaving it to today’s generation to finish the job, much as Joshua succeeded Moses.

“We have inherited this opportunity from the Moses generation … who have teed it up for us,” he said. 

“I didn’t have to go to jail. I haven’t had my head beat in — haven’t had dogs and fire hoses set on me. So I’m benefiting from what the Moses generation did. … The question is whether the Joshuas among us are willing to stand up, are willing to be counted, are willing to vote, are willing to organize, are willing to mobilize, are willing to get going.”  “When I hear folks in our community say, ‘Yeah, I like Obama — he can talk good, but I don’t think folks are ready for him,’ I say: Be strong, and have courage, because God is walking with us,” Obama said amid rising cheers and applause.

“When they’re saying, ‘I’m worried about Barack’s safety — I don’t know whether you’ll be all right,’ I say: First of all, I got Secret Service — they’re good. But I also say: Be strong, and have courage, because God is walking with us, every step of the way.”

Obama said society’s disparities “between black and white remain as large as ever,” creating an atmosphere where “you are seeing people pay attention in this election in a way they haven’t paid attention in a long time.” http://www.politico.com/news/stories/1107/7026.html

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