Zogby Poll Unfavorable To Hillary? Zogby Responds To Mark Penn

Mark Penn: Buckling Under the Pressure of an Unfavorable Poll

All is fair in love and war, the centuries–old proverb states. Politics is not included, but given the way the game is played in modern–day America, maybe it should be. That’s the sense I had again this morning watching Mark Penn, the chief political strategist for Democrat Hillary Clinton, denigrate our latest Zogby Interactive survey simply because it showed his client in a bad light (Link to Latest Poll Number). Penn made the contention on the MSNBC morning news program hosted by Joe Scarborough (Link to Video)

Penn mischaracterized this latest online Zogby poll as our first interactive survey ever – a bizarre contention, since we have been developing and perfecting our Internet polling methodology for nearly a decade (Zogby Intreractive Methodology), and since Penn’s company has been quietly requesting the results of such polls from Zogby for years. We always comply as part of our pledge to give public Zogby polling results to any and every candidate and campaign that asks for them. What is interesting is that no other campaign has made as many requests for Zogby polling data over the years than Penn has made on behalf of Clinton.

Because Mark Penn is a quality pollster himself, we chalk up his contention that our poll is “meaningless” as a knee–jerk reaction by a campaign under pressure coming down the stretch. Several other polls – Zogby surveys and others – have shown her national lead and her leads in early–voting states like Iowa and New Hampshire have shrunk. This is not unusual. These presidential contests usually tighten as the primaries and caucuses approach.

Fritz Wenzel
Director of Communications
Zogby International

Rivals Dispute Clinton’s ‘Face of America’ Assertion

Is This Hillary’s “Linda Tripp, I’m One of You” Moment?

November 26, 2007 2:38 PM

ABC News’s Eloise Harper, Sarah Amos and Sunlen Miller report: Sen. Hillary Clinton’s Democratic rivals are taking issue with her characterization of herself as the “face of America” during her husband’s presidency.

It all started last week when Clinton’s chief surrogate in Iowa, former Governor Tom Vilsack, said Clinton was the “face of the Administration on foreign affairs,” under former President Bill Clinton.

Vilsack discussed Clinton’s foreign policy experience on a news program, after a week of back-and-forth jabs between Clinton and Obama on several issues including foreign policy.  Clinton had chided Obama for saying that he had gained foreign policy experience living abroad in Indonesia when he was ten years old, arguing that she was the one with the foreign policy experience after spending eight years in the White House as First Lady.

Speaking to reporters Sunday in Perry, Iowa, Clinton, D-N.Y., defended the characterization, saying, “There are lots of ways in which what I did that was the face of America when I was there when I was representing not just my husband but the country.”


Gingrich Predicts Obama in Iowa

Gingrich Predicts Obama in Iowa

November 27, 2007 9:03 AM

ABC News’ Ed O’Keefe Reports: Newt Gingrich predicts Barack Obama will win the hotly contested vote in Iowa, saying the junior Senator from Illinois will motivate more energized supported than the former First Lady.



Look for Hillary to go negative big time, with attacks on Edwards to take away from Obama.

Top Ten Ways To Tell You Might Be Hillary Clinton

This was so good I had to post it.  My thanks to spacemonkey.

Top Ten Ways To Tell You Might Be Hillary Clinton

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Someone out there is Hillary Clinton. Who is it? It could be you. Here’s ten ways to tell if you might be the PIAPS.

10) You want to run on your record, a record that is so impressive it can’t be released to the public until after you get reelected.

9) You know absolutely everything about absolutely everything unless it’s happens to have something to do with your campaign.

8) Your greatest political success was a by anyone else’s standards a spectacular failure of Biblical proportions.

7) You want to take take things away from people for their own good, and then occasionally have Norman Hsu pay them back.

6) Frost is something you’re used to seeing on your windows. On the inside.

5) You took diction lessons from Roseann Barr, and etiquette from Sasquatch.

4) You have a very simple and logical stances on the issues, and are flabbergasted when people try to pin you down to any one stance on any issue,

3) You tell women they don’t need a man to take care of them or to ride a man’s coat tails. Yet your entire success comes from being married to a man who took care of you while you rode his coat tails.

2) Your approach is marked by a stampede of woodland creatures, large and small.

And the number one way to tell you might be Hillary Clinton….

You aren’t recalling a trip to Nevada when you fondly muse about hot, steamy Reno nights.