Rivals Dispute Clinton’s ‘Face of America’ Assertion

Is This Hillary’s “Linda Tripp, I’m One of You” Moment?

November 26, 2007 2:38 PM

ABC News’s Eloise Harper, Sarah Amos and Sunlen Miller report: Sen. Hillary Clinton’s Democratic rivals are taking issue with her characterization of herself as the “face of America” during her husband’s presidency.

It all started last week when Clinton’s chief surrogate in Iowa, former Governor Tom Vilsack, said Clinton was the “face of the Administration on foreign affairs,” under former President Bill Clinton.

Vilsack discussed Clinton’s foreign policy experience on a news program, after a week of back-and-forth jabs between Clinton and Obama on several issues including foreign policy.  Clinton had chided Obama for saying that he had gained foreign policy experience living abroad in Indonesia when he was ten years old, arguing that she was the one with the foreign policy experience after spending eight years in the White House as First Lady.

Speaking to reporters Sunday in Perry, Iowa, Clinton, D-N.Y., defended the characterization, saying, “There are lots of ways in which what I did that was the face of America when I was there when I was representing not just my husband but the country.”



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