Chris Matthews On Hillary’s Dropping Poll Numbers

Chris Matthews explains why the Hillary campaign may write off Iowa in the last weeks before the caucus.  Internall, the top Hillary staffers know she tanked the last Democratic debate, and that Obama and Edwards are gaining while Hillary is losing ground. 

CHRIS MATTHEWS: I always assume that the professionals inside a campaign know more than I know. I have to assume that during the Philadelphia debate six weeks ago, Mark Penn and Mandy Grunwald and the other brains behind Hillary were looking at a focus group or looking at some kind of joy buzzer somewhere, and they’re watching their candidate crash. And they came out of there and they blamed the moderator, they blamed Russert, Tim Russert, coming out, then they blamed the opponents, then they blamed the third, the unaffiliated groups. They were attacking every single person in a way that made you think “my God, did Hillary do that bad that night?”



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