Interesting Background on Rapper Common, One of Obama’s Pals

Rapper Common is one of Obama’s pals.  Here are some interesting background facts.   

Common is father to 10 year old Omoye Assata Lynn (named after exiled political prisoner and former Black Panther Party member, Assata Shakur – a woman whose life story also inspired Common to write the song “A Song For Assata” from his album Like Water for Chocolate).

Common is a supporter of animal rights and PETA. He recently appeared in a print advertisement for PETA titled “Think Before You Eat”.  Common is also part of the “Knowing Is Beautiful” movement which supports HIV/AIDS awareness.

Common has been quoted as saying, “When you see dreadlocked dudes with white girls that’s like they going against what the dreadlock’s purpose was.”

Common was accused of making bigoted statements during a concert at Emory University in 2006, when he rapped about  his certainty that "damn niggers from Duke lacrosse" had raped a "black princess," a reference to Crystal Gail Mangum,  who had accused three white Duke University lacrosse players of rape.  The charges were dismissed before the case went  to trial. Despite his comments about the Duke Lacrosse Case, Duke University invited him to play at their last day of classes  on 25 April 2007.


One Response

  1. “Like most poor people in the United States, I have no voice. The Black press and the progressive media, as well as Black civil rights organizations, have historically played an essential role in the struggle for social justice. We should continue and expand that tradition. We should create media outlets that help to educate our people and our children, and not annihilate their minds. I am only one woman. I own no TV stations or radio stations or newspapers. But I believe that people need to be educated as to what is going on and to understand the connection between the news media and the instruments of repression in America. All I have are my voice, my spirit and the will to tell the truth. But I sincerely ask those of you in the Black media, those of you in the progressive media and those of you who believe in truth and freedom to publish my story.’ -Assata Shakur

    Eyes of the Rainbow documentary free to view and download. Please distribute widely.

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