Why Black Women Prefer Clinton To Obama & Why They Love Bill

 Probably 80% or so of black women support Hillary?  Rather than the mealy reasons listed in the article below, the real reason is think they are re-electing Bill Clinton.  And what did Bill give black women that they don’t get at home?  Respect, that’s what.  And they don’t expect it from Obama.

One of the intriguing stories of Campaign ’08 is the popularity of Hillary Clinton with black women who might be expected to support Illinois Sen. Barack Obama, the first African-American to emerge as a serious contender for a major party presidential nomination.A series of CBS News polls show the New York senator has a 15-point lead over Obama among black women. Other polls have confirmed Clinton’s popularity with African-American women.Overwhelmingly, the most frequently stated reasons women give for favoring Hillary Clinton are that they have positive feelings about her husband and his administration and they think she’s got the best shot of any of the Democrats to win against the Republicans.“Most Black women simply believe Clinton can win,” said former Gore campaign manager and Democratic strategist Donna Brazile. “They loved her husband Bill and would like to see ‘a woman elected first'”Obama hopes to find the antidote to Clinton’s less-than-secret weapon – husband Bill – with a boost from talk-show queen Oprah Winfrey, who is campaigning for Obama in three early primary states: Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina.But beating back Bill won’t be easy.As much as African Americans may instinctively roll their eyes in exasperation when they hear Bill Clinton referred to as the “first black president”, it is undeniable he made an emotional connection with black America in a way that no other president has.Sheryl McCarthy is a columnist for USA Today and Newsday who often explores



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