In Bill Clinton’s Mind, Failure = Hillary Success. Only Bill!

Once again Bill Clinton wants us to believe that Hillary’s failures are in reality successes.  Bill is currently the leading history revisionist in politics.  Here’s how to interpet his four-point wish list: Vision:  Hillary’s vision includes redistribution of the wealth of this country, first and foremost.  As Hillary has said, she has so many ideas that this country can’t afford them all.  Just her vision of the tax structure in this country will most likely result in a massive resession, possibably a depression as the wealth of the nation flows from the hands of those who have earned it, and who invest it, to the government who we all know does a very poor job of spending it. Plans:  Hillary’s plans call for socialized medicine, a “one-payer” system.  Want to know what those plans will look like, just look at Canada’s health care system and you’ll see. Skills:  Hillary has displayed no great legislative skills while in the Senate.  As First Lady she was on the sidelines, not involved in foreign policy, and a failure at the one domestic issue, socialized health care. Leadership:  Hillary has had great difficult leading her own election campaign.  What did she lead as First Lady?  What leadership skills has she displayed in the Senate? At one event in November, the former president made only seven references to his wife and used the word “I” 94 times. He has launched attacks on her rivals and invited controversy by trying to rewrite history about the couple’s stand on the invasion of Iraq. But now he wants to persuade party activists that his wife perfectly fulfils his four-point presidential wish list: vision, plans, the skills to implement those plans, and the ability to lead the country and deal with unanticipated events.,,2233856,00.html?gusrc=rss&feed=networkfront



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