What Obama Must Do To Win the General Election

Political Night Train believes that we, as a nation are on the cusp of what could be the most remarkable political event in well over a century – elevating a non-white man to the Presidency.  A man that can potentially gain the same, or even greater support as a Ronald Regan.  Barack Obama has that potential, to pull together a wide range of citizen groups that transcend race, gender, age, socio-economics, and religion.  The potential non-supporters include the usual fringe groups, the far left, the truly racist (both black and white), and the uber-conservatives.  To do so, Obama must shuck some critical baggage.  First, Obama must distance himself from his long-time relationship with militant, racist black-issues only church leaders.  He can do this by giving a semi-JFK religion speech.  Obama could say he is a long-standing member of a church that has provided himself and his family with the faith, salvation, belief in God, and family values that have strengthened him and his family through the good and the bad.  Go on to say that he does not agree, nor support the secular viewpoints of the church leadership. Second, Obama must clearly separate himself from the views of the far left by saying their views are not his views, their positions are not his positions, their values are not his values.  Then he needs to speak out and denounce such blogs as moveon.org.   Third, Obama must distance himself from the Jesse Jackson’s of the world by honoring those civil rights leaders who are true bearers of MLK’s non-racist vision.


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