Patti Solis Doyle & Mark Penn Out; Maggie Williams & Roy Spense In???

As the  Clinton team bunkered themselves in hotel rooms in NH, Hillary, Chelsea and Huma Abedin covered the campaign scene.  Huma was at Hillary side 24/7 to provide for every need.Many of the campaign seniors, such as Ann Lewis  have gone directly to Hillary  to complain about the campaign is being organized and run and to beg for changes.  This is very unusual as everyone on Hillary’s staff is terrified of pissing off her royal highness.  Even Huma isn’t spared the venom and sharp tongue.A few staffers, speaking off the record have indicated a shakeup is coming, with the decisions to be made Wednesday and Thursday evening and announced over the weekend, when there is less press coverage.  Don’t expect any staff to get the boot, just another layer of campaign management to fix what is broken.  Bill has wanted to fire most of the senior staff enmasse, but he too won’t piss off Hillary.Terry McAuliffe, the campaign chairman, said publicly and repeatedly on Tuesday that new additions would be made to the staff. “We’ll bring in more people to help us,” McAuliffe said buoyantly on MSNBC mid-afternoon.  Clinton is expected to return to her home in Chappaqua to make the decisions.On Fox News, Ann Lewis stated Hillary’s campaign would be adding staff at “all levels”, meaning the senior most levels, those that have direct access to Hillary.  Bill Clinton has admitted to the same.  The problem, how to announce the changes without them sounding like a shake up.  PNT anticipates a weekend announcement of “additions” to the campaign staff that have been planned for months.  Look for a co-this and a co-that.  The problem for Hillary is that her senior staff is full of friends of Hillary and they will be tough to boot out.  However, another loss, like in South Carolina and she will have to make permanent changes.  As the new staff, all friends of Bill come in, they will want to replace the downstream staff as well.  Look out for the ripple effect.  Look for Maggie Williams to take over co-campaign manager duties with Patti Solis Doyle (will report on cat fight later).  Doyle is unlikely to get the boot as she has been loyal to Hillary since the early 90’s.  However, do look for Williams to give the press more and freer access to Hillary.  Look for Doyle to be sent out to various states as an advance person, with little or nothing to do.  FOB Roy Spence is being added to senior staff, probably to independently second guess Mark Penn.  He’s already been interpreting polls for Bill. 


4 Responses

  1. Gee – dead wrong. What a shock.

  2. Blatant attempt at wooing the black vote. Won’t work it’s still the same, “old” campaign from the same old group of democrats. It’s time for a change.

  3. Gee, dead right. What a shock. Patti Solis Doyle was out after Iowa and Maggie Williams was in. It took this long to allow a somewhat polite exit for Doyle, citing, as they always do, “family concerns”. Mark Penn has lost much of his direct influence with the Clintons. Bill has relied on his own pollsters, and Penn’s polling has been so off, he’s with the campaign in name only.

  4. Have a new stragery for Hillary who could I contact to see if they would listen?

    To show my thought processes once came up with the idea that the US Attorney General should be seperate from being appointed by the White house, help keep congress honest?

    thnak you bill jewell

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