Hillary’s Man-Haters Club vs. Obama’s Good Ol’ Boys Club

Here are some observations and comments from Political Night Train

Hillary will continue to lose the male vote.


NH has a large white, older female population – just the type to support HRC.


Florida also has a large, white, older female population – they could make the difference there.


SC – HRC’s man-hater vibe may work against her there; but the state population has changed in recent years and is now has more older, white, Yankee females – they might provide the swing.  Many black women in SC are still conflicted – Obama vs. Hillary.  HRC & Bill (who they love, because he gave them what they did not get at home, namely respect) are known economic providers.  Obama’s appeal to SC black women will have to come through the local churches that are the social center for SC black women.  So goes the church, so goes the women.  Younger, better educated black women will want to be a part of history and will go with Obama.  SC will be a good predictor of Florida and California.


Will anyone pick up on, and use the “man-hater” nature of HRC and her court, namely Ann Lewis, Doyle, et. al.?


Tears on demand?  Was this playing the gender card?  Yes!


Man-Haters Club vs. Good Ol’ Boys Club.  Will it play in SC?


3 Responses

  1. Obama is a phoney and a big time closet racist! Glenn Burke has the truth about Obama that will come out this year. His Reverend is a Biggot and he attends his Church. What does this say about him then?

    The youths of this country need to wake up!

    He has 4 years experience and that doesnt take a rocket scientist to figure out .. as a nation how stupid the majority is and how color is definately being impacted and applied here. Also.. endorsement leads helped him alot. he

  2. The Clinton shills will be out in force in Texas as they try to paint Obama and Michelle as white haters because of their relationship with J.Wright and Trinity Church.

  3. Obama is the worst and I hope he dies a horrible death but I have to say the same thing about Hildapig

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