Black Americans, Keep Dreaming – Hillary Wants To Be Yo’ White Nanny

Hillary’s race card argument is that it was not enough for the civil rights leaders to suffer and endure for their dream, but that they did’t have the wherewithal to act upon those dreams and make change happen.  By extension, Obama too can only dream and hope, he can’t act and effect change.  Hillary repeated this message earlier by saying that Teddy Roosevelt, FDR and LBJ “gave” black Americans the right to vote, the right to equal housing, the right to equal access.  The operative word is “gave”, as if black Americans were told to go to the back door and a white leader would “give” them a meal.  Hillary said they, meaning Presidents, got “big” things done because they knew that it was not just about the dream, it was about the results, and that’s what we have to do again.  What Hillary is saying here is it’s okay for you poor black Americans to dream, but when it comes to getting it done, you need me, your white nanny to do the heavy lifting for you.  That’s my burden and I’m here for you.


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  1. Desde luego es toda una proensiofal en el mundo de la decoración de este país. Sí, está muy bien que nos muestres trabajos de aquí, claro que sí, no todo tiene que ser de fuera, aquí también se trabaja muy bien.

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