Elvis Is Dead and Bill Clinton Is Bitter

Bill Clinton has attacked Obama repeatly over the past several months, each time showing a bitter side of Bill that few would acknowledge is there.  Bill is an angry man, and its beginning to show.  Deep within Bill is an anger few have seen.  It is anger about how he has been treated in the past, the lack of love in his marriage, and how he feels he’s being treated now.  George Stephanopoulos probably felt it the most, took anti-depressants to cope, and since his White House days, has on occasion talked about Bill’s “purple” fits, and “funks” or depressions.  One could make a case that Bill Clinton suffers from bi-polar disorder.  Thursday night Britt Hume, speaking to the Fox All Stars commented that Bill Clinton does not look well, he looks like something is wrong, mentally or physically.  Bill may in fact have some mental or physical disorder, but what is wrong is that the primary is going against him, and in a big way.  Bill Clinton did not expect he would be faced with a candidate like Obama, one that garners the same kinds of feelings from voters that he Bill evoked in the past.   Now Bill finds himself in the white man, white hair, white shirt crowd and he doesn’t like it.  In short, Bill is having his mid-life crisis a little late. 


Bill is running for re-election of himself, not for Hillary.  He is seeking vindication for his Impeachment, and another four years in the White House.  If Hillary is elected, Bill will take credit and assume co-President icy, even though Political Night Train believes Hillary will not allow him to stay in the White House.


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