Is Farrakhan Influencing Obama Through Jeremiah Wright?

Political Night Train believes the following articles are very revealing about Barack Obama’s relationship with Louis Farrakhan, a relationship that needs closer scrunity.  Also of question is influence the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Jr. and other leaders of Trinity United Church will have on Obama’s policies and how he would conduct his administration. Obama Decries Farrakhan StatementsBy Shailagh Murray
Sen. Barack Obama’s campaign moved quickly today to quell another race-related flap, this one involving Nation of Islam leader, Louis Farrakhan.
Columnist Richard Cohen stirred the pot this morning in an op-ed column in The Washington Post, writing:Barack Obama is a member of Chicago’s Trinity United Church of Christ. Its minister, and Obama’s spiritual adviser, is the Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr. In 1982, the church launched Trumpet Newsmagazine; Wright’s daughters serve as publisher and executive editor. Every year, the magazine makes awards in various categories. Last year, it gave the Dr. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr. Trumpeter Award to a man it said “truly epitomized greatness.” That man is Louis Farrakhan.Cohen chronicled Farrakhan’s long record of inflammatory statements, from denigrating the Holocaust, to accusing Jewish people of victimizing African Americans. He did stipulate, “It’s important to state right off that nothing in Obama’s record suggests he harbors anti-Semitic views or agrees with Wright when it comes to Farrakhan.” But, he suggested, “Farrakhan, in a strictly political sense, may be a tough issue for him.” The column spread like wildfire around the blogosphere — especially on the right — and, this afternoon, the Obama campaign responded with an unequivocal statement on it from the candidate himself.“I decry racism and anti-Semitism in every form and strongly condemn the anti-Semitic statements made by Minister Farrakhan,” Obama said in the statement. “I assume that Trumpet Magazine made its own decision to honor Farrakhan based on his efforts to rehabilitate ex-offenders, but it is not a decision with which I agree.”

 Obama ‘repudiates’ Farrakhan?Ed Lasky
The New York Sun is reporting that Barack Obama repudiated the views of Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan that were discussed in Richard Cohen’s Washington Post column. Cohen’s criticism regarding Obama’s ties to the Church and the Pastor that gave an award to Farrakhan were reaching a large audience that included potential Democrat voters who might be swayed to withdraw support from Obama. This statement by Obama is a political maneuver that should be given little credence. Obama is very actively involved in his church; he knew of this award long before Richard Cohen publicized its grant to Farrakhan. Furthermore, Pastor Wright has had a long relationship and alliance with Louis Farrakhan.  Obama did not object to these ties between Pastor Wright and Farrakhan before; nor has Obama rejected the anti-Israel diatribes of Wright. Regardless, Obama adheres to a church and a minister that have long espoused positions inimical to the American-Israel relationship, let alone the trumpeting of black values and racial exclusiveness.  This follows a pattern for Obama: he shows extreme loyalty to a church and pastor whose controversial views eventually become publicized. Then Obama “disappears” the Minister and Obama’s campaign (not Obama himself) issues a statement that Obama does not agree with everything that Wright espouses.  He solicits and gains support from the controversial George Soros, a man whose anti-Israel passions and allegations regarding America’s Jewish community and Congress are well-known. When these ties become publicized, Obama’s campaign (not Obama himself) issues a statement that Obama does not agree with Soros on this topic.  When Obama articulates anti-Israel positions in off-the cuff remarks, his campaign (not Obama himself-stop me if you have heard this before) issues clarifications that attempt to explain away the plain English import of Obama’s (the supreme orator) expressed views. In other words, Obama only disavows when it is politically opportune to do so. He seems to have never objected to these views before they become publicized and create a political firestorm because they belie his image of peace, compassion, unity.  Obama is not a profile in courage and his disavowals are political pabulum.

 Barack Obama and IsraelBy Ed Lasky Here are some excerpts from this article …… One seemingly consistent theme running throughout Barack Obama’s career is his comfort with aligning himself with people who are anti-Israel advocates. This ease around Israel animus has taken various forms. As Obama has continued his political ascent, he has moved up the prestige scale in terms of his associates. Early on in his career he chose a church headed by a former Black Muslim who is a harsh anti-Israel advocate and who may be seen as tinged with anti-Semitism. This church is a member of a denomination whose governing body has taken a series of anti-Israel actions.   As his political fortunes and ambition climbed, he found support from George Soros, multibillionaire promoter of groups that have been consistently harsh and biased critics of the American-Israel relationship.  There are literally hundreds of churches on the South Side of Chicago that Obama could have chosen from. He selected one that was headed by Reverend Jeremiah Wright, Junior. The anti-Israel rants of this minister have been well chronicled. Among the gems:  The Israelis have illegally occupied Palestinian territories for almost 40 years now. It took a divestment campaign to wake the business community up concerning the South Africa issue. Divestment has now hit the table again as a strategy to wake the business community up and to wake Americans up concerning the injustice and the racism under which the Palestinians have lived because of Zionism 

Pastor Wright is a supporter of Louis Farrakhan (who called Judaism a “gutter religion” and depicted Jews as “bloodsuckers”) and traveled with him to visit Col. Muammar al-Gaddafi, archenemy of Israel’s and a terror supporter.

Read the rest of this article here:

 Political Night Train also thinks it is time for the media to begin looking into Michelle Obama’s work with Trinity Unitied Church, especially some of the anti-white and anti-Jewish views of groups within the church.  

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  4. If we’ve learned anything from the attack on Mitt Romney’s church its this: a person’s religious beliefs are out-of-bounds in presidential politics.

    How about this for a quote: “Political Night Train” is a gutter weblog.

    • pls, mr afam, would be happy to have a father who tells you that his inaction in the family is cos he wants to avoid mistake? This clearly shows that Jonathan not only la2&8&#s2c1;shoesk#8221; but also that aptitude necesary for a president of any country in the world.

  5. A person’s religious beliefs may be out of bounds in the political arena unless that person is closely affiliated with someone who respects an avowed racist. That is the case with J Wright ,who only last month praised Louis Farrakhan. That person is J Wright , O Bama’s spiritual advisor

  6. Hillary Clinton has not yet gone negative on Obama’s religion, but that could change. The Clintons, both Bill and Hillary are desperate. They have shown they will use anything, including race, to win. While few see Bill and Hillary as true racists (but then what is a racist?), they are perfectly willing to use racist issues to gain an advantage. It didn’t work, and will be remembered by many. Don’t expect Bill or Hillary, or anyone directly involved in their campaign to bring up Obama’s religion negatives. The Clintons are experts at using shills and media types to get that done. Also expect their shills to attack Michelle Obama and her relationship with Trinity Church.

  7. Why does Obama keep getting a free pass? Why is any inquiry, or challenge to his record, or unsavory associations, met with accusations of racism? Jeramiah Wright, an obvious racist and anti-Semite, endorses, supports and praises Farakan … Obama is a lot more connected to Wright than a mere case of guilt by association. Obama himself has described Wright as his spiritual advisor and mentor of 20 years. Obama was going to have Wright speak at his announcement to run ceremony, until he realized it would be a bad political decision. Any fool can weigh 20 years of involvement against a momentary half hearted denouncement, motivated by personal political ambition. The left and the media has fashioned Obama into a sacred cow, who is above reproach. Obama’s record, and associations have become like the Emperor’s new clothes, even when the future of the world is at stake!

  8. I do not have any doubt that Obama is heavily influenced by Farrakhan. After all, he is friends with William C. Ayers, the self-proclaimed Pentagon terrorist.

    To date, the press has been easy on Obama, but the Republicans are not going to be so nice. If Obama becomes the nominee, up to 50% Clinton supporters will vote for McCain!

  9. A vote for Obama will turn FL and MI Democrats voting for McCain. The material I am readin on Obama is making me sick:

    • Also count on conditions varying from week to week out there. The dirt roads we are used to riding can be drastically different from one week to the next. Gravel gets pushed off to the sides and you've got a smooth suroace…fr fresh is laid down. Best to count on it being rough.

  10. More on Rev. Jeremiah Wright

  11. “And the notion that somehow it’s cute or amusing, or a useful diversion, I think, is something that all of us have to recognize is just not the case. We all have First Amendment rights. And I am a constitutional lawyer and strongly believe in free speech, but as a culture, we really have to do some soul-searching to think about what kind of toxic information are we feeding our kids,”

  12. A former Obama client, Ahmad Baravati, changed the name of his tax exempt organization IRAN EARTHQUAKE RELIEF FUND to American Care Society at

  13. Obamas home that he bought articles said he talked the doctor into selling the lot with the home…the Dr who owned the home was Dr Louis Farrakhan….and thats true!

  14. Very retarded question. America will wake up to a black president

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  15. hmm. cognitively ))

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