Clinton Campaign Shakeup

Clinton Campaign Shakeup


Bill Clinton has been muzzled (most likely self-muzzled as no one in Hillary’s campaign, including Hillary can muzzle Bill)


Patti Solis Doyle is out (citing family concerns, but where were those concerns in Iowa?)


Maggie Williams is in (she was really in charge following Iowa, but it took this long to ease Doyle out)


Mark Penn says it’s a “New Day” after Super Tuesday (how will he put a positive spin on Super Saturday??)


Hillary’s cash (she claims it was from her portion of a joint account, but not Bill’s) is in

 Political Night Train believes the Potomac Primary on Tuesday will be the point of no return for Hillary.  If Obama takes 60 +% of DC, Maryland and Virginia, the Democratic primary may be all but over, Superdelegates not withstanding. 


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