Michelle Obama’s Princeton Thesis – Four PDFs

Michelle Obama Thesis – Part 4

Michelle Obama Thesis – Part 3

Michelle Obama Thesis – Part 1

Michelle Obama Thesis – Part 2


3 Responses

  1. It seems to me that Michelle Obama has her own insecurities. It also seems – stemming from that – that she sees everything through a racial lens. This makes even the slightest action by non-blacks to look as though they are racially motivated.

    Im a member of a Minority group in the US and I have always walked into a situation knowing that I am comfy with who I am and not worrying about what I am not.

    Iranian Ajax

    • Heck yeah baybe-e keep them coming!

    • / IVF is unnatural.And MANY couples who go use it did so due to impatience. IN fact, women will be using the CANCER CAUSING abortion chemicals for years, which one of things it does is modify the Uterus lining as a secondary part of "birth control", then they get off it when they decide to have a child and wonder why sometimes it don't happen right away.

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