Why Hillary Wants To Be President

The single biggest problem Hillary Clinton has, aside from Bill and Hillary herself, is her desire to become the first woman President.  In her campaigning, Hillary presents herself as the first woman President, aka, Co-President with Bill.  And now she wants to be, you guessed it, the first woman President.  Contrast this to Obama who is campaigning not as the first black President, but just a Senator who wants to get elected.  Some say this country is not ready to elect either a woman or a black to the highest office.  Political Night Train says it is not an issue of race or gender, but an issue of policies and values.  Voters have shown time and again that they will vote for a woman or a black, if that person first runs on their policies and values.  Voters largely want to ignore the race and gender issue, if the candidates will let them.  So, as long as Hillary continues to run as a woman who wants to become President, she will loose a large segment of the voters, and she will never understand why.  This in light of the fact that there is very little difference between the political policies of either Hillary or Obama.

2 Responses

  1. The reason Hillary wants to be president has a lot more to do with the $17 Million fraud charges against her family slated for a hearing later this year. She needs the win so she can derail the lawsuit. She is likely to lose the suit, thus, the desperation.

    The office of both the President and the V.P. carry a lot of power, to include the power to make lawsuits disappear. Keep her away from the White House!!!!!

  2. That would be the Paul v Clinton fraud case?

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