Rev Jeremiah Wright – Obama’s Minister of Hate & Racism

Obama and the Minister

March 14, 2008; Page A19

In a sermon delivered at Howard University, Barack Obama’s longtime minister, friend and adviser blamed America for starting the AIDS virus, training professional killers, importing drugs and creating a racist society that would never elect a black candidate president.

The Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr., pastor of Mr. Obama’s Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago, gave the sermon at the school’s Andrew Rankin Memorial Chapel in Washington on Jan. 15, 2006.

For months now Political Night Train has been writing about Senator Obama’s pastor, mentor, friend, and advisor, Rev Jeremiah A. Wright, Jr.  Just in the past couple weeks, since the last Obama-Hillary Debate, has the mainstream press started to pay closer attention to their relationship.  Rev. Wright is a thousand pound weight around Obama’s neck, and the price of association with the minister will cost him the election in the fall.  Political Night Train believes Senator Obama must do the following within the next two weeks, and before the next Obama-Hillary debate, and surely before the next primary:

1. Openly denounce Wright in the strongest terms possible.  Mince no words, parse no words, aka Bill & Hillary Clinton.

2. Withdraw his family’s membership in Trinity United Church of Christ.

If Obama can, and will do these two things, and do them openly and loudly, he stands a chance of winning in November.  Don’t do these things in the next two weeks and the Clintons will continue to blast Obama daily through their shills and surrogates.