Obama Linked To Another Controversial Minister – Rev James Meeks

An Obama Delegate’s Preaching, On Par With Jeremiah WrightSo, the spin goes, Jeremiah Wright may have said some controversial things. So, maybe Obama has described him as “his mentor”, and maybe they’ve had a close relationship for the past twenty-three years. But Wright has left his largely ceremonial post, and it’s not like he has any direct relationship with Obama’s presidential campaign. I mean, it’s not like we’re hearing this from a Democratic elected official. It’s not like we’re hearing this from an Obama delegate to the Democratic convention or something.It’s not like we’re hearing an Obama delegate from Chicago in a church pulpit saying, “We don’t have slave masters, we got mayors! But they are still the same white people who are presiding over systems where black people are not able to be educated. You got some preachers that are house n———! You got some elected officials that are house n———! Rather than them try and break this up, they’re gonna fight you to protect that white man!”Oh, wait, now we are hearing this. What’s fascinating in the video that Confederate Yankee dug up is the state senator, Reverend James Meeks of the South Side Baptist Church, declaring that the N-word is a “term of endearment.” I kid you not.So… apparently Wright’s not a one-time deal, huh? How many other members of Obama’s crew from Chicago sound like this on Sunday mornings?http://campaignspot.nationalreview.com/post/?q=YjAzNDdkMTAxN2JiNjY4YTkzNzcxYWNkZjYwMTMwNDM=

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  1. This doesn’t surprise me at all since I have been data mining Obama since New Hampshire there are lots more surprises to come.

  2. They really need to get off Obama’s back. There are plenty of politicians who have crazy friends (Rudy Giuliani and his NYC Police Commissioner buddy). Why are the focusing so much on Obama?

  3. It would seem that neither Giuliani, nor his buddies are in the running to become President, at least not any more. Obama is, and as long as he is running for President, the American voters have every right to stay on his back, just as they will stay on Hillary’s back, and John McCain’s back. The focus on Obama is because we want to know more about his core beliefs and how they don’t seem to match up with his public persona.

  4. I couldn’t agree more Nighttrain.
    Having said that, a man can say whatever he damn well chooses to say, but he best be able to deal with the reprecussions of those words.
    And, being an American Brenda I can choose to care or not care about anything I damn choose as well. Train has it right, if the appearance is one way but the actions are another then the public has the right, and the politician has the obligation, to address the reasons why. I think that we are done rolling over because some group or sect or politician told us to- and its about time!


  5. There are plenty of people who have crazy friends period. I think most people who are up in arms about Wright are the ones who would never vote for Obama anyway. They’re just happy to have an excuse.

  6. One man’s excuse is another man’s rationale.

  7. Obama is trying to re-cover his hidden racial agenda, and it seems to be working. Like Hitler, he has a way with words that people can’t seem to overcome. Obama has lied at least 3 times about his relationship with Rev. Wright. He is trying to hide his close personal relationship with Rev. Meeks. He is avoiding his relationship with other high profile radical racists.

    Obama says it’s time for change, but what change is he talking about. To date, he has not said what he will change other than the age of the person leading the country. Is it wrong to have a mature and sensible person as president? Mr. Obama seems to think that only the 20-30 year old croud counts. Has anyone noticed that Obama is young, but not that young? Could it be that he is courting younger people who react with their emotions more than with their brain?

    Be careful America … the only thing you will see change is the amount of money you pay in taxes, leaving you with change … a small handful in your pocket and nothing else.

  8. I’d rather pay more for taxes and have universal health care than have a system right now where only people with money can get help, and people go bankrupt trying to pay for much-needed medical care.

    I think Hillary and Barack are fine candidates, and I actually liked Mccain before he started to support the war in Iraq.

    If we’re talking about shady things, look at what our current president has done. We’ve expended billions for a war which didn’t need to be started, our economy has gone down the crapper, our civil liberties have been trampled by the patriot act, and theres probably a million other things which we haven’t heard about.

    I’d rather have someone who might actually bring about change than sit in the white house and messes our country up more.

    I couldn’t agree with politicalnighttrain any more, I know that America deserves to know about the candidates. It just seems that people are trying to make things out of what really isn’t there. Obama isn’t a radical racist muslim or any of that bullshit, he’s a Christian, and a devoted one at that.

    check this link:


    Just because his pastor went off spewing some garbage doesn’t mean Obama has anything to do with it. I mean if you had a brother or sister who went nuts and went on a shooting rampage, would that make you a murderer?

    Sure they’re your sibling but you had nothing to do with it. Obama’s pastor was saying ‘Damn America,’ but does that mean Obama is saying ‘Damn America?’

    The answer is no.

    Just check the facts, don’t listen to fear-mongering bs.

  9. You know I listened to the Speech that Obama gave and I was going to be attentive and see for myself what he could possibly say to overcome Wrights words. Then he began to speak of Slavery and all the hostility the Blacks have against the White people for that and how his wife is a descendant from slavery.
    then I thought wait a minute….
    I went to Wikipedia because i just knew I paid attention in school while we discussed Slavery.
    Here are some facts for all those who are interested. I think maybe the Blacks of America should look it up to.

    Between the 7th and 15th Century Arab slave trade emerged. By the 20th Century 18 million slaves were sent to parts of the “Muslim World.”

    This was as voluminous as the later Atlantic slave trades.

    In 1482 Portuguese established 1st trade stations along the coast of Ghana at Elmina.
    The chief commodities dealt were slaves, gold, Ivory and spices.

    Decline in the Slave Trade began in 1820 promoted by the “lack” of demand for slaves in the New World.
    Increasing Anti-Slavery legislation in Europe and America. British Navy’s Presence off West Africa Coast helped.
    So Barack it would appear that the Muslims were there gathering up slaves long before the “New World “. America was in the forefront with Europe to end slavery.
    Your welcome for that -and we have apologized for way to long and way to often for the prior acts of America.

    Now go to your Muslim friends and call Portugal for an apology and equal rights, America has gone out of it’s way to make this your home. Oh wait Muslims are just cool huh.
    Talk about racism. Blame the whites for everything. And of course let the Muslims off for everything cause after——–.

  10. “Typical black person” comment will be enough for Mccain or Hillary to start packing. Bill Clinton gets pounded for everything he says about Obama as a racist, but for some reason (i am guessing “white guilt”) Obama getting pass.

  11. Ignorance is truly bliss. How in the hell was America a forrunner to end slavery when Columbus claims discovery of a place where Native American’s lived. Aided in the mistreatment of Native Americans and played apart in slave trading. Your history books are just that his (White mans) Story.

  12. If Obama is elected President he must take the following oath: ” I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

    How can Obama be faithful and loyal to the United States when those to whom HE remains most loyal want to DAMN the United States? This man refuses to wear a flag pin so as not to appear “hypocritical” and does not see the importance for an elected public official to place his hand over his heart during the singing of the natiuonal anthem.

    Americans need to wake up before they find themselves on their knees.

  13. Those of you who are critical of Barak and opposed to his candidacy – answer me this. Has Obama shown during any of his campaign that his attitude is one of “damnation to America”? Have you heard him using the “N” word or expressing any of the more radical thoughts (in word or deed) of either Reverend Wright or Meeks or whomever else you deem negative?

    Lets even go beyond the Presidential campaign – how about any evidence that he is nothing other than patriotic toward his country during his lifetime?

    I am an orthodox african american Christian and do not know much about the Black Lib theology other than what I have learned recently. I support Obamas candidacy, and if some concrete evidence is exposed that he is not who he appears to be (a pretty good selection for the next President of the US) then I would objectively reconsider…BUT, what is being thrown out now seems more smear than substance.

    I am not saying that it is not important to vet any one who is running for this highest of offices, but just do not see this as a show stopper in my mind. I must admit thought that many will be persauded based only on perception.

  14. No lies evaluation of Obama based on his record

    We have all read the lies about Barack Obama, painting his past history as a Muslim, his militant black church ties, and all the things Hillary Clinton tries to paint him with. A quick trip to snopes.com dispels most of the inaccuracies. Some people think that America isn’t ready for a black president, and some are. If we choose to put all that aside and judge him for what he really is and what he has done, we can get a better picture as to the character of the man. To begin with Obama makes a controversial claim to say the least. He claims to have never voted for the war in Iraq. This claim is nothing but a play on words, because yes he was a senator at the time, but he was a state senator and not in a position to vote for or against the war in the United States Senate. In his rather vehement denouncing of the war in Iraq, he may give you the wrong impression, as most people view him as a “dove” or pacifist. You would be mistaken however, as his position on the Middle east needs to be taken in it’s entirety to show an accurate picture of Obama’s position. Sen. Obama feels that we merely invaded the wrong countries. The top countries on Sen. Obama’s “hit list” are Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iran, and his dislike for them makes him look more “hawkish” then Hillary. No matter how intelligent the public perceives him to be, or how great of an orator he appears to be, what a great author he looks like, the fact still remains that he is still a Junior Senator. Shall we look at his experience in the U.S. Senate? Since Obama has been in office 200 votes have come in front of the senate. This caring individual, a self- appointed spokesman for the “little guy”, the downtrodden has had been recorded as a NO VOTE 143 times. So important was this position to him, and yet he was either absent or it was his choice not to vote 71.5% of the time. He did however vote 55 times, but not one time against party lines. I’m afraid this democratic senator is just as transparent as the other one he is battling; sometimes the documented actions of a senator tell more of a picture then lies.

    Votes by Barack Obama

    Obama’s Middle- east Policy

  15. Given the lack of a body of knowledge about Obama these questions are very relevant to evaluating the man, his politics, and his potential impact on the US as president.

    For all of those assailing Fox News in defense of Rev Wright, you don’t comment on the veracity of the report, the right or wrong of teaching hatred, or how divisive his sermons are; you merely “shoot the messenger”.

    These folks remind me of those in the black community who rejoiced at the Not Guilty plea of OJ Simpson and justify the looting by blacks that are a fixture in news reporting following any natural disaster. It was unimportant that he killed two people and the evidence was overwhelming what was MOST important to these people was that a black man beat the white system. It is always the system’s fault….lessons taught by the likes of Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and Rev Wright.

    That too many blacks will not take responsibility for their own circumstances and are further enabled by leeches on the black community like Jackson and Sharpton is Very Sad.

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