How Hillary Wins

Hit Obama where it hurts – his judgment.  Hillary should use her army of shills and surrogates to wage an unrelenting, daily attack on Obama’s judgment.  Cite his close ties to Rezko and how dumb it was to cut a deal with a known influence peddler.  Cite Obama’s father-son relationship with Jeremiah Wright.  Yes, this will piss off black voters, but then that’s something Bill Clinton (aka, First Black President) has managed to do already.  Hillary has lost 90-95% of the black vote anyway, do attacking Wright can’t hurt much.  Include Obama’s relationship with James Meeks as another example of poor judgment.  Hammer Obama’s poor judgment for maintaining a close relationship with Wright and Meeks, ministers that push radical black liberation theology.  Have your third and fourth removed surrogates attack Obama for being a member of a church that espouses liberation theology and socialism vs. the Christian ideals of MLK.  Hammer away at Obama’s poor judgment for exposing his young daughters to Wright’s bigotry, hatred and racist teachings.  Hillary should question Obama’s core beliefs and values, contrast his liberation theology beliefs and values to his public persona and say Obama is living a lie.  Have your shills ask, “Does Senator Obama love America?”, of so, he has some unusual ways of showing it.  Cite the lack of a flag lapel pin, no hand over heart, and ties to a church that promotes racial hatred.  Hillary should begin now to appeal to the Regan Democrats, otherwise, they go to John McCain.  Cede the liberal left to Obama.  Let Obama have those nuts, and the burden of explaining why he accepts the support of such extremists.  Run to the middle.  Defend your war vote.  Say it was the right thing to do at the time, given the information available.  But say it is now time for a new war strategy.  Announce your plan for a phased three year withdrawal, coupled with direct talks with Iran, European allies, and pending Iraq meets specific goals.  Have a bunch of your surrogates who are far removed from your campaign attack Michelle Obama for her values and beliefs.  Hillary, you need to neutralize Michelle in a way that causes Obama’s campaign to stop putting her out front.  After all, isn’t that what your opponents did to you during Bill’s campaigns.  While you’re at it, plan on neutralizing Oprah also.  Use her relationship with Wright as the basis. In giving his “race” speech, Obama has made it okay for everyone, whites included, to talk openly about race, black values, and what goes on in black churches that espouse liberation theology.  What Obama’s speed revealed is his inner core beliefs and values, and the fact that those beliefs and values are at odds with his public persona.  In effect, Obama is living a lie.  One can just imagine Obama and Wright, in a back room at Trinity Church, cracking white jokes and bad mouthing America.

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  1. It’s over. There’s no way for Hillary to come back from her delegate deficit.

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