How Obama Wins

Hit Hillary where it hurts – her lack of experience, or more correctly how she is trying to deceive the public on her level of experience.  Obama should use the recently released schedules to paint a picture of Hillary as a traditional First Lady, not involved in White House policy decisions.  After all, Hillary never had a security clearance, so she not only couldn’t attend classified policy meetings, she couldn’t read any of the classified policy documents.  Obama should have his surrogates do a John Kerry “swift boat” attack on Hillary’s lack of experience.  It worked to destroy Kerry’s credibility, it will work on Hillary.  Force Hillary to defend her claims of experience on a daily basis.  Keep up the daily attacks that tie Hillary to Bill and his antics.  Turn the judgment issue she is using against you.  Say that by defending Bill, Hillary is displaying poor judgment.  Do this from afar, using your shills that are far removed from the campaign.  Use a George Patton strategy, aka, “Hold ‘em by the nose and kick ‘em in the ass”.  Hold Hillary in place by an unrelenting attack on her experience, but have your surrogates attack from a different direction – say on questionable campaign contributions, Bill’s injection of racism in the campaign, Whitewater, billing records, Travelgate, refusal to release tax records, failed health care.  Then attack Hillary for her war vote, and say it goes to her lack of experience and judgment.  You’ve got 90-95% of the black vote.  Let surrogates like Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton help keep that vote in check, but have them do it from a distance.  You’ve got the far left liberal vote with your anti-war position.  Keep the far left in check by attacking Hillary’s war vote.  You’ll need some white blue collar votes.  The best way to get and keep them is to hammer away on the economy.  You made a mistake in referring to your grandmother as a “typical white woman”, so that will cost you some votes.  Finally, have your long range surrogates do daily attacks on Bill Clinton for his willingness to use race as a wedge issue with those “typical white” voters.

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