Barack Obama and Black Liberation Theology

Obama vs. Black Liberation Theology: no ‘unite’

Grant Swank
March 21, 2008

Since Barack Obama has exposed that Black Liberation Theology pits whites against blacks, he’s undercut the egocentric Black Lib strutters.

People like Jeremiah Wright have made money and pew numbers in frightening American blacks that whites are killing them off, per AIDS injections for instance.

Wrights of the movement have said that the “white value system” is the enemy. Therefore, whites are out to get the blacks.

Obama sat through tirade after tirade on that demonic doctrine. Now it’s out of the bag. But the Black Lib pushers are still going to want to keep their power clutch before the blacks before them.

Therefore, Black Libbers have split from Obama, the “Unite” messenger.

By the way, you don’t hear the repeated “Change” and “Unite” cry from Obama. Why? Because he’s blurred himself. The public is not sure of his profile. Who is he? What change would he bring about having been surrounded by so many “haters”?

Would whites be left out as Obama united blacks?

Would Black Libbers be left out as Obama clutches to his black self white groupies?

Obama himself displays a weak personality awareness. Dick Morris stated on TV news programs that Obama is not strong in making sound judgments. He sat through two decades of demonic theology and said nothing, per Morris.

Therefore, Morris concludes that he would not be quick to make crucial judgments if in the White House. He’s just not got it.

So who is Obama’s public anyway?

Black Libbers have been undercut by his call for “Unite.”

Whites have been informed that Obama is a part of a hate-white subculture.

There are actually some logical blacks who don’t buy into the anti-“white value system” and therefore don’t agree with Black Libbers.

Evangelicals have nothing to do with leftist Obama.

Moralist Catholics likewise have nothing to do with pro-choice Obama.

But for sure Obama has cut with Black Libbers who are making their dough and conceit levels pop with this divisive, unbiblical, screaming dogma like unto a cult.

Joseph Grant Swank, Jr., is a pastor at New Hope Church in Windham, Maine, and is the author of five books and thousands of articles that have appeared in various Protestant and Catholic publications. He currently writes a column for,,,,, The Conservative,,, Republican and,, Conservative,,,, Chalcedon Report, and others.

He has been married for 46 years and has three adult children. He has BA and MDiv degrees, with graduate work at Harvard Divinity School.

Grant maintains a website at You can e-mail him at   

3 Responses

  1. Seems to me Obama knows precisely where he stands – he’s a black militant masquerading as moderate. Now he has been outed though the mainstream media are doing their best to evade the issue, especially the anti-semitic side that accompanies black militant ideology.

  2. I don’t think that Obama is anything approaching a “militant.” You need to watch/listen to Jeremiah Wright in context: He’s merely pointing out the same thing that Black scholars like bell hooks have been talking about for years– he’s calling for Black unity, which doesn’t mean anything except that our neighborhoods are falling apart under our noses, and it’s clear that the White structures in place are ignoring us, so we need to take responsibility ourselves.

    I don’t understand why Whites are so threatened about Black people being united. Do you think we’re going to rise up against you or something? Self-sufficiency is *NOT* analogous to militant ideology.

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