Obama’s Church Cries “Enough”, Wants to Restrict the Press

Trinity United Church of Christ, Barack Obama’s church, and Jeremiah Wright’s church now wants to restrict press access to church officials, members and services.  It seems Pastor Otis Moss III is getting a taste of what others who have found themselves in the news have faced, unwanted attention.  Given that the attention is mostly negative and generated not so much by the church itself, as by it’s two most famous, and infamous members, it may seem reasonable the church is crying foul.  Political Night Train questions Barack Obama’s judgment for remaining in a church that openly promoted racism and tolerated Jeremiah Wright’s ran tings.  But Obama went a step further, naming Wright as an advisor to his campaign.  If Obama was truthful when he said he had disagreed with Wright in years past, why then did he include him as a senior advisor.  What advice was Wright providing to Obama, and was that advice tainted with racism?  Was Wright’s advice to Obama based on liberation theology?  Was Wright’s advice tainted by the Nation of Islam?  If elected, would Obama continue to seek and accept Jeremiah Wright’s advice, and how would that advice shape domestic and foreign policy?  These are all questions Barack Obama must address in the coming months.

The following article is by Frank James

Sen. Barack Obama’s church, Trinity United Church of Christ, is fed up and not going to take it anymore. “It” would be the media intrusions that have come with the controversy over the by- now infamous comments of its retired senior pastor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

The church’s new lead pastor, Otis Moss III, held a press conference yesterday to make two points. He called for a national conversation about race. And he wanted to read the riot act to some reporters who have gone overboard in the opinion of church members and others, in their pursuit of interviews with Trinity members.

The call for a racial dialogue gave the press conference a more elevated gloss than if it had been merely held for the purpose of telling reporters to cease and desist from bothering church members.

But one got the sense from watching the press conference that the main purpose was to tell the media to back off.



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  2. From UCCTRUTHS.com:

    Thomas plays race card to dodge Wright criticism
    Thursday, April 03, 2008

    The effort to have a national conversation on race would be admirable had it not been hastily called for in response to the criticism that Thomas and the UCC has been facing in defense of comments in sermons and in publications by Trinity’s former minister, Jeremiah Wright, Jr. who did not even attend the press conference. As disgusting and vulgar as it sounds, Thomas appears to be playing the race card to dodge the criticism which ultimately undermines the very conversation on race that he and others are seeking.

    The consequences of this will be damaging on a number of levels. First, Thomas has made it pretty clear that he’s not going to actually respond to the concerns raised within and outside of the denomination on Wright. Like so many other actions he and the national office have taken, it will be local pastors left to react and they really aren’t being given much to work with here.

    Second, members of the UCC are pretty wise to what is going on here. The problem isn’t race, it’s about Wright’s comments and Thomas’ reaction to them.

    Finally, all this has really done is guarantee that this issue won’t die down anytime soon.

  3. O come on! It is not a restriction of teh press. It is a request for sanctity around the Church grounds. How would you feel if a reporter hounded you outside your own Church? I go to Church to worship, not to be harrassed by Bill O’Reilly or Sean Hannity! The Church is simply asking for the worshippers to be respected. The media is trampling all over holy ground and that is wrong. If this were the Old Testament days, honestly some kind of wrath would fall upon them. Do you remember what happened to those boys who were condemning Prphet Jeremiah in the Old Testament?

    As regards Jeremiah Wright, read the book of Prophet Jeremiah in the Bible. Read the words of Isaiah in the Old Testament. No one condemned the nation of Israel more than these two people. They spoke of the destruction of Israel and Jerusalem for her sins and were written of as “Israel haters” by the people of their day. But the truth is that it happened! These were prophets speaking in the prophetic! So was Jeremiah Wright! He was speaking in the prophetic. I tell you the truth, you Americans are so arrogant in your superpower status. Like Babylon you will fall down because of the mass consumption, lasciviousness and homosexuality that is destroying families. Look at Sodom and Gomorrah and tell me if America is any different. Look at Babylon and tell me if America is any different. The ‘Girls Went Wild’ in Noah’s day and a flood destroyed the entire nation! No Empire will ever rise above the Church of Jesus Christ! Rome fell. Syria fell. Russia fell. The British Empire fell. America will fall! It’s already beginning to fall with the collapse of Wall Street, Housing markets, etc. Your day of reckoning is coming! Trust what the spirit says through prophets like Jeremiah Wright. Remember, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Amos, Obadiah and many other Old Testament prophets condemned their own countries and many of them were written off but their words continue to live on. You do not belive this but you and your descendants will see it with your own eyes!

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