Flap Jack of the Day Award Goes To: NY’s Gov. Spitzer

Flap Jack of the Day Award Goes To: Nancy Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi has flipped on her earlier position on the superdelegates.  Earlier Pelosi’s position was the superdelegates should vote with the popular vote.  Now Peolosi says the superdelegates should vote their conscience.

Iran Smoking Gun?? IAEA Finds Plans for Nuclear Weapons

Looking for the smoking gun?? Iran maintains it was given the papers without asking for them during its black market purchases of nuclear equipment decades ago . . . This just does not pass the “ho ho” test.  An the NY Times thinks this is simply a “gesture”.

Iran Hands Over Nuclear Blueprints Ahead of IAEA Report.   The AP (11/14, Jahn) reports, “Iran has met a key demand of the UN nuclear agency, handing over long-sought blueprints showing how to mold uranium metal into the shape of warheads, diplomats said Tuesday.” The decision was hailed by Western diplomats as a “concession designed to head off the threat of new UN sanctions.” The move comes as the IAEA finalizes its report to its board of governors next week. The AP reports that “While [IAEA chief Mohammed] ElBaradei is expected to say that Iran has improved its cooperation with his agency’s probe, the findings are unlikely to deter the United States, France and Britain from pushing for a third set of UN sanctions.”
      The New York Times (11/14, Sciolino, 1.18M) report on the blueprints called the handover a “gesture” saying, “Possession of the document is not expected to add much to the agency’s understanding of Iran’s nuclear history” and that “despite the latest gesture, Iran has failed to comply with a number of other demands by the agency under the timetable.”

This from Salon???? Queen Hillary’s Disruptive Court

This from Salon, that most liberal of publications????

The press corps finally wakes up to her waffling and evasions. “

By Camille Paglia


Democrats Remain Stalled On Iraq Debate

 Score: Harry Reid Is 0 for 40!!

Democrats remain stalled on Iraq debate

By: Jim VandeHei and John F. Harris
Nov 13, 2007 06:07 AM EST

“As the congressional session lurches toward a close, Democrats are confronting some demoralizing arithmetic on Iraq.”  They are Zero for 40, a firing offense in the Majors.  The Yankees let Joe go, and he had a better record.


This from the folks that want you to put them in power next year.

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer Told Not To Ask Hillary Any “Russert Questions”

 Liberals eat their own, as they attack Tim Russert for his tought questions.  Now Blitzer draws Hillery’s ire.

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer has been warned not to focus Thursday’s Dem debate on Hillary. ‘This campaign is about issues, not on who we can bring down and destroy,’ top Clinton insider explains. ‘Blitzer should not go down to the levels of character attack and pull ‘a Russert.” Blitzer is set to moderate debate from Vegas, with questions also being posed by Suzanne Malveaux

Even Garry Trudeau’s Doonesbury Is Bashing Hillary

 I though I would never see this, Garry Trudeau bashing Hillary.  Get the full story and more at Human Events.

 Garry Trudeau has been just as relentlessly scathing in Doonesbury, the most liberal of liberal political cartoons. And National Public Radio — right up there with the New York Times as a mouthpiece for liberal elitism — slammed her for opportunism and insincerity.
This is the pantheon of left-wing press.


Who Wears the Apron, Hillary or Bill?

The negatives just keep piling on, and this from the liberal Boston Globe:

The Boston Globe’s Venocchi skewers Clinton’s “kitchen strategy.” “TAKE OFF that apron, Hillary. Democrats want a winning presidential candidate, not a gourmet cook.” Venocchi calls the women’s vote “famously fickle” and Clinton “already has a gender gap problem. More than half the married men in a new USA Today/Gallup Poll said they definitely wouldn’t vote for her.” She also cites Clinton’s lead shrinking in New Hampshire in the latest Marist poll from 21 points over Obama to 11 now.

Hillary’s Plant-Gate – Updated, It Won’t Go Away

The New York Times on Plant-gate: “At two campaign events in Iowa this year, aides to Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton encouraged audience members to ask her specific questions.

 It just won’t go away.  Who will Bill bash next?

GRINNELL, Iowa (CNN) — The college student who says she was told what question to ask at one of Sen. Hillary Clinton’s campaign events told CNN Monday that she wasn’t the only one at the event who was a plant and said “voters have the right to know what really happened.”http://politicalticker.blogs.cnn.com/2007/11/13/student-given-question-for-clinton-i-just-want-honesty/

In a later update, this particular college student told a reporter that severn other students were given “planted” questions to ask Hillary.  So much for it only happened once.  Is this Hillary’s “I didn’t inhale?”

Michael Crowley Explains Hillary’s Bunker Mentality

 Every wonder how the Hillary campaign gets so much positive press.  Michael Crowley reveals their strategy.  Notice how Tim Russert wimped out after the last debate.  Bet Tim never asks Hillary another tough question.

The New Republic
Bunker Hillary by Michael Crowley
Clinton’s strategy for crushing the media.
Post Date Monday, November 12, 2007

Get the full story here:


Negatives Add Up For Hillary

First it was the debate debacle. Then it was the girl being ganged up on by the “boys”. Then Bill said she got “swift boated”. Then Hillary said she was for Spitzer’s plan to give licenses to illegals in NY, after seeming to say she was against it (sort of like Kerry,s I was for it before I was against it). Then its planted questions, denied, then we found there were more earlier. Now its I’m taking the high road while my dupes sling mud. And they plan to send Bill out for damage control. Who will we be voting for? Bill or Hillary?

Wayne Rogers Calls Hillary Crazy and Irresponsible

WOW!  I can’t believe actor, investment guru, and all around liberal Wayne Rogers just called Hillary Clinton “crazy and irresponsible”. Rogers was being interviewed on Fox News about Hillary’s new “Green Plan”. Rogers went on to say Hillary does not reveal how the plan will be enacted, now how it will be funded, except that it will be paid for with taxes. I don’t generally watch FNN on Sunday afternoons, but it was worth it to hear Rogers, liberal, rant against Hillary. It will be interesting to see if Rogers sticks to his comments. My bet is that by Monday he will back off. But you can bet the mainstream media won’t touch his comments. How soon will Bill rush out and say he’ll pop Wayne one right on the nose?

Hillary’s Words, Interpeted

As Hillary Clinton puts forth her position on various issues, I will provide an intrepretation of what she means.  I need to do this because Hillary never comes right out and says what she plans to do.  Evidence of this was the last debate in which she ducked every issue.  What is most likely to happen is that Bill will begin to explain what she did or did not mean when she gets caught on an issue.

 For example, when Hillary says she is for increasing the number of children covered by SCHIP, what she is not saying is that under her plan she will cover illegals.  The result, you pay for the health care of persons that are here illegally.

Hillary Staffer Plants Questions

Last night at an Iowa caucus a Clinton staffer planted a question on global warming.  A local college student was told to ask a specific question of Hillary.  This raises yet another question about Hillary’s honesty.  You don’t hear these type of honesty questions about Obama or Edwards.  Remember, her record is one of dodging tough questions and outright lies.

 So now we find they done it before, in April.  We’ll hear about a few more instances of Hillary planting questions in the coming weeks, but then it will fade as the next Clinton scandal breaks.  Ask yourself, if she’s so tough, why must Bill rush out there and defend her in every instance.  Can’t she do this for herself.  What happens when she’s in the White House and in a tough negotiation?  Will Bill jump out of the closet and take up for her with Putin???


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