ABC Quizzes Obama On Values and Beliefs

It appears ABC has been reading Political Night Train, and they finally get it!  When it comes to Presidential candidates, Values and Beliefs do matter.  As do Character and Competence.  Political Night Train has been posting for months now that the core values and beliefs of the candidates are indeed important.  Barack Obama would have us believe that his values and beliefs should have little bearing, that if we want to be part of something historical, we should all vote for him, the Black candidate.  Somehow this will heal all those old racial feelings between whites and blacks.


PHILADELPHIABarack Obama got the first real glimpse here Tuesday night of what he will face if he becomes the Democratic presidential nominee. Between now and November, the most important question he will be forced to answer is: Who is Barack Obama?

That was the subtext of the relentless questioning he faced at the National Constitution Center here on Tuesday. For the first half of the debate, ABC’s Charlie Gibson and George Stephanopoulos threw one question after another at Obama that all shared the same underlying themes: what are your values and what do you believe?


Obama was questioned over and over,  for nearly 45 minutes regarding such issues as his relationship with Jeremiah Wright, his obvious lack of a flag lapel pin to show his patriotism, his readiness to be Commander-In-Chief, his relationship with Weather Underground radicals.  Then Hillary piled on, as expected.  Today, Obama cried foul, complaining that the media was focusing on his words, in particular, his misstatements.  Obama seems to think we should all drink the coolade, accept his ideas and not question the underlying core beliefs and values that form the basis for those ideas.  And who’s ideas?  Are they Obama’s ideas, based on beliefs and values shared by Americans?  Or, are they ideas shaped by 20 years of association with Jeremiah Wright, James Meeks, and members of the Weather Underground.  How much of his core beliefs are shaped by black liberation theology?  Note that Obama answered on question that he had disowned Jeremiah Wright, then restated that he had disowned Wright’s statements.  Obama also denied that he had ever been in church when Wright make his racist remarks.  As Hillary would say,”that requires suspending belief”.  Twenty years and Obama didn’t hear any of Wright’s numerous racist remarks; twenty years and Michelle Obama didn’t hear any of those remarks; twenty years and neither heard Wright’s remarks repeated by other church members?  Churches are by nature social organizations, and one thing is true of social organizations:  People talk, they hear and they repeat, especially the words of their religious leaders.


Much as Charlie Gibson and George Stephanopoulos think they are getting to the “who is Barack Obama”, they failed to ask the really probing questions, such as:  “How much of black liberation theology do you support?”, “And do you, Obama, believe that black liberation theology values and beliefs represent the values and beliefs of all votes, black, white, and otherwise?”


Obama also needs to be questioned further on how he would direct the US Military as Commander-In-Chief.  His answers Wednesday night showed an almost total lack of understanding of the relationship between the civilian branch of the government and the military. 


As an added note, want to see an example of “liberation theology” run amok?  Look no further than what is happening right now in Paraguay where former Catholic Bishop Fernando Armindo Lugo Mendez is likely the country’s next President.  The Catholic Church has disowned Lugo for his “liberation theology” beliefs.