Hillary Struggles With Image In Iowa

Today’s Wall Street Journal features a page-one story about Mr. Obama’s chief rival, Hillary Rodham Clinton. Her campaign is struggling to create a stronger, more likeable image in Iowa, the only state where they are neck and neck in the polls. Now, her party foes are nervous and even desperate as the days dwindle to the first, potentially make-or-break vote in Iowa, the only state where polls show a tight race. They are all firing at her, aiming where she is most vulnerable — her reputation as too cautious and calculating. As Iowa caucus goers watch and listen to Hillary, Obama and Edwards, they are forming opinions and because of how the caucus goers vote, the person in second place may wind up in first place.  As followers of the third, forth and fifth place candidates have to re-focus their caucus votes, if their candidate gets less than 15%, the person in second place may pick up the most of those votes.  This is why Barack Obama recently asked a Dodd supporter in Iowa if he could please be her second choice.


Daily Kos poll on the Las Vegas Democratic Candidates debate

Daily Kos poll on the Las Vegas Democratic Candidates debate

If there were any doubts that going negative on Hillary is effective, look at the polling results from Kos.  When Kucinich looks better to liberals than Hillary, she is in real trouble.

Joe Biden   1114 votes – 9 %
Hillary Clinton   2491 votes – 20 %
Chris Dodd   389 votes – 3 %
John Edwards   1918 votes – 15 %
Dennis Kucinich   2746 votes – 22 %
Barack Obama   2945 votes – 24 %
Bill Richardson   401 votes – 3 %
12004 Total Votes