Hillary FOR Citizenship for Illegals – Will Push for IT In 1st 100 Days!!!!!

Clinton Booed at Heartland Forum

Now we know Hillary’s position on citizenship for illegals and how she will deal with it in the first 100 days of her administration.  Americans, this is the single most important domestic issues in 2008 and over 70% of you are opposed to citizenship for illegals.  If you allow Hillary to get into office, she has now told you exactly what she will do, and you of course know the Democrats in Congress will go along.  If you really want to see what type of county we will be building for our grandchildren, look no further than the racial violence in France. 

The senator was asked if she would “make a decision to give undocumented immigrants a path to citizenship” during her first 100 days in office. Clinton responded saying, “I have been favoring a plan to citizenship for years. I voted for it in the Senate, I have spoke out about it around Iowa and the country and in my campaign. And as president comprehensive immigration reform will be a high priority for me.”

This was followed by booing, for a largely Democratic audience.


Spitzer A Bully, Gets Bullied By Hillary

 Did Spitzer the Bully really cave on those drivers licenses for illegals, or was he bullied by Hillary?

Spitzer A Bully – Why did he cave on drivers license?


November 19, 2007 — A TOP aide to Gov. Spitzer in volved in the Dirty Tricks Scandal angrily threatened to “professionally kill” a top utility executive for opposing the governor’s energy policies, sources have told The Post.

Spitzer Policy Director Peter Pope said he was “going to kill” Gavin Donohue, the head of the Independent Power Producers of New York, an association of private energy companies, in a bitter clash early last summer over the governor’s efforts to block the construction of nuclear-power plants and more than two “clean coal” plants in the state, the sources said.

“He was really threatening Gavin. It was unbelievable. It was shocking,” said one of the state’s best-known lobbyists.

“Pope was screaming and threatening to get him fired with his bosses and jabbing his finger in Donohue’s face,” added another source, who claimed Pope had also threatened several lobbyists over policy disagreements.

Flap Jack of the Day Award Goes To: NY’s Gov. Spitzer

Flap Jack of the Day Award Goes To: Nancy Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi has flipped on her earlier position on the superdelegates.  Earlier Pelosi’s position was the superdelegates should vote with the popular vote.  Now Peolosi says the superdelegates should vote their conscience.