Will Larry Flynt Dump On Hillary Clinton?

This story just won’t go away, that Larry Flynt has the dirt on a sitting Senator in a lesbian relationship.  Apparently Larry keeps saying he has the story and plans to go to press.  The LA Times is supposed to have the story also.

Does anyone know if this story has leggs, or is it just another net rumor?

Who Is Suppressing The Huma Abedin Stories????

For weeks now, there has been no media coverage of Hillary’s rumored squeeze, Huma Abedin.  Who is suppressing those stories?  Larry Flynt, do you have a story???

Dennis Kucinich, Hillary Clinton, Oprah, Larry Flynt and Who Got Whom

Hello America! That’s right. You heard me correct. The Porn industry endorses me, Dennis Kucinich. Especially Hustler’s founder Larry Flynt. Larry Flynt loves the Dennis! He had a party for me and everything. Yes, Elizabeth showed her tongue ring for that one … and the other ring. You figure it out.

Yes, Obama got Oprah. Hillary has Bill, but really what choice does he have? But, I have the coolest. The porn industry America! Oh what a party. No, the press was not invited. But, when you’re re-enacting Caligula you don’t want Hannah Strom there judging.

Now America, I need to clarify. The Larry Flynt presidential endorsement marked the culmination of everyone in the industry getting on board. What do I mean?

Ron Jeremy was sticking to Hillary for a while because of some moment they had in a toilet stall in New Haven with Bill in 1972.

Katie Morgan wanted Alan Keyes. So did Jenna Jamison, Stormy Daniels, Tawny Roberts and Peter North … because it’s true.

Dustin Diamond wanted Mike Huckabee. Yes Dustin Diamond had to be included.

And finally, Paris Hilton got on board after we told her George W couldn’t run again.

I got the Porn Industry America!

This has got to be one of the best political spoofs of the season.

On Hillary, Bill Clinton, Larry Flynt and Impeachment

Joseph A. Palermo provides the following interesting blog post regarding Bill Clinton’s Impeachment, one of only two to ever occur to a US President.  Democrats are forgetful when it comes to Bill Clinton’s impeachment, and Republicans are reluctant to mention it.  The question voters need to be asking themselves is, “Do you really want Bill Clinton back in the White House?”  Now I know many Democrats, especially the Bill-lovers can think of nothing finer.  Some how they believe things were better, and will be better again, with Bill standing in the wings to advise and lead Hillary.  Sort of like a Democratic Chaney.  But ask yourself this, “Will Hillary tolerate being upstaged by Bill?”  Once in the White House will Hillary even allow Bill to be present?  Right now we are getting a good look at what a Hillary administration would be like.  She will be surrounded by the likes of Ann Lewis, Mark Penn, and others directly involved in her campaign.  At the same time, Bill has his own staff of advisers and shills, but they are not part of Hillary’s campaign, they in fact are the outsiders, looking in.  And the fact is, the Hillary staffers loath the Bill staffers.  What does Bill have to loose?  He’s been impeached, but now he can’t be removed from office.  He says anything he wishes, even things that Hillary’s staff have to go back and clean up.  No, I don’t expect Bill will have a role in a Hillary White House.  And Political Night Train also predicts, if Hillary can win the general election, she will be the second Clinton impeached. 

Nine years ago, on December 19, 1998, the House of Representatives impeached President William Jefferson Clinton. On that day, amidst the holiday decorations and office parties, the Republican-dominated House of Representatives, with Tom DeLay leading the charge, voted to approve two out of four Articles of Impeachment that the Judiciary Committee had sent to the House floor. Article I, perjury in the grand jury, passed 228 to 206; Article II, perjury in the Paula Jones deposition failed, 229 to 205; Article III, obstruction of justice, passed 221 to 212; and Article IV, abuse of power, lost 285 to 148. All of the articles of impeachment directly related to Clinton’s consensual sexual relationship with a woman who preferred to keep it private, and who had not accused him of sexual harassment.

Larry Flynt Endorses . . . . ?

It is official, Larry Flynt has stated, “I support Dennis Kucinich because not only have I been a friend of his for 40 years, but I believe he offers an essential, viable and exciting option to the candidates that are more popular.”

Does Larry Flynt Have the Goods On Hillary & Huma Abedin??

Blogg rumors are flying around that Larry Flynt has the dirt on Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin.