Obama’s Church: Values and Beliefs Do Matter

The following article by John is quite interesting, and correctly so, Jeremiah Wright, like Louis Farrakan, is only the messager.  Barack Obama may have been present for only a few of Wright’s racist sermons, but Obama surely knew, and understood what Trinity United Church of Christ stood for, what the beliefs and values of the church are, and how those values and beliefs would be picked up by his wife and children.

Teachings of Obama’s church concern readers

It’s not Jeremiah Wright, it’s the church. The controversy over Sen. Barack Obama and the Rev. Wright is not about a sermon. Wright’s sermons represent what the church is all about, and Obama has been a member of this church for 20 years!

Obama’s church proclaims on its Web site: “A congregation committed to adoration … preaching salvation … seeking reconciliation … with a nonnegotiable commitment to Africa…” Notice the “commitment to Africa” and not to America? Michelle Obama said it herself, being for the first time “proud of my country.” After 20 years in this church, I see why.

I am not in opposition to this church’s right to believe and teach these things. Yet, is this your vision of America?

The presidency is the executive branch of our government and will employ many people picked by Sen. Obama. How many people will he enlist who hold the beliefs of his church? Is this the change you want?