Is Spitzer Anti-Nuclear? Is Hillary?

Is Spitzer Anti-Nuclear?  Is Hillary?  Spitzer most likely would not take an anti-nuclear stand if he did not have Hillary’s backing.  So, there’s your answer, Hillary Clinton is anti NuclearNYPost Questions Spitzer’s Stand Against Nuclear Energy.   In an editorial, the New York Post (11/23, 648K) chided Gov. Eliot Spitzer for his “unseemly obeisance to over-the-top environmentalism,” in forcing power plants to “pay for the right to emit carbon dioxide” by joining the “10 northeastern states in a Kyoto-style project called the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI), meant to combat global warming.” The Post added, “There’s more to Spitzer’s attack on energy: This year, he asked the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to perform (yet another) environmental review of Indian Point, the Westchester nuclear plant that’s up for re-licensing. So far the NRC has refused, but Spitzer has made his point: He is anti-nuclear. Yet, if Spitzer opposes conventional plants, which produce CO2, and nuclear ones, which don’t, exactly what kind of energy does he favor?”

Greenpeace Founder Patrick Moore Supports Nuclear Entergy!!

 Here’s a story you probably never thought you would see.

Greenpeace Founder Patrick Moore Urges Support For Indian Point Relicensing.   The Westchester Journal News (11/9, Incalcaterra, Clary) reports the Greenpeace founder Patrick Moore, who “now advocates for nuclear energy addressed about 100 people yesterday during the Rockland Business Association’s annual meeting.” Moore used “the opportunity to call for the relicensing of the Indian Point nuclear power plants,” saying an “increasing number of countries were turning to nuclear energy and that the United States should as well.” Moore said “nuclear power plants were safe and, unlike coal-burning plants, did not produce carbon dioxide” and “said politicians who advocated shutting down Indian Point used the issue to gain support and that many environmentalists used scare tactics in their efforts to close them.”