WANTED: YouTube Questions

Political Night Train is seeking input some of those 5000 YouTubers who submitted questions for the CNN Republican debate.  What we need is the text of the “Original” YouTuber question, and the text of the version presented by CNN.


Clinton News Network Plants Questions for Hillary

The Save the Debate coalition — a group founded by conservative bloggers Patrick Ruffini, David All, Soren Dayton, and Robert Bluey which sought to encourage the GOP candidates to participate in the CNN/YouTube debate — issued a statement harshly criticizing CNN:“CNN’s flawed editorial process in choosing the questions asked of the candidates marred an otherwise lively debate and betrayed the trust of the Republican candidates and the YouTube user community. In the most glaring example, a questioner affiliated with the Hillary Clinton campaign was given a soapbox to berate the Republican candidates at the debate — when even a cursory web search of the individual would have revealed his clear conflict of interest.
A YouTube debate should strive to minimize the media filter rather than highlight it. Instead the selection of questions for the Republican CNN/YouTube debate highlighted CNN’s selection bias.
We strongly encourage YouTube and other new media platforms to refrain from working with CNN on future debates.”
 RedState‘s Directors also issued a harsh statement: “This debate was not about Republicans asking the Republican candidates questions. This was about CNN abusing its position to push a Democratic agenda. This has all the markings of a set up and heads should roll at CNN.In the meantime:1.) Republican candidates for President should boycott CNN.2) Republican viewers should boycott CNN until they fire Sam Feist, their political director; and David Bohrman, Senior Vice President and Executive Producer of the debate.3) One or more of the Republican candidates should demand a do over wherein we can have a substantive debate about substantive issues that exclude CNN’s agenda, which is clearly out of touch with the Republican party, and the drivel we saw from YouTube.” Michelle Malkin sees a double-standard: “Had GOP candidates somehow been able to insert their operatives and supporters into a Democratic debate, and had, say, Fox News failed to vet the questioners and presented them as average citizens, both Fox and the GOP would be treated as the century’s worst media sinners.”Hugh Hewitt: “CNN is of course going to the mattresses, just as every MSMer does when the collision with their own bias and/or incompetence arrives. But like Rathergate, the YouTube/BoobTube debate is already a major milestone in the accelerating collapse of credibility of the MSM.”Human EventsJennifer Rubin: “Not that many years ago, CNN was known widely as the ‘Clinton News Network.’ They apparently want to renew their credentials — or expand their services to the entire Democratic Party. This debate placed CNN in the role of director of Democratic media operations. Simply put, it is propaganda to represent the questioners as unbiased and unaffiliated voters when they are not.”Other conservative bloggers think that people are overreacting:Townhall‘s Matt Lewis: “Although conservatives are rightly outraged by the biased questions, I also believe some of the consternation is overwrought…Bad questions sometimes tell us more about the candidates than good ones do. For example, we learned that Mike Huckabee can take a bad question and still make lemonade (if he can do it now, imagine what he could do to the press corps).”Captain’s QuartersEd Morrissey: “CNN’s main failure, and the only real ‘plant’, was General Keith Kerr. They didn’t just allow his question, they flew him to the debate, and then allowed him almost as much screen time as Duncan Hunter to make a speech. Kerr serves on Hillary Clinton’s steering committee on GLBT issues, a fact that he apparently failed to disclose to CNN, who didn’t bother to use Google and spend ten minutes vetting him…The other questioners had ulterior motives in asking their questions…[but] the questions themselves weren’t outrageous and certainly can be expected from the campaign trail, especially in the general election. In this loose format, questions can come from anyone — just like a real town-hall forum — and candidates should be prepared to answer them.”Power Line‘s Paul Mirengoff: “I watched the debate last night and frankly didn’t have a serious problem with CNN except with respect to Gen. Kerr. The fact that a questioner once interned for Rep. [Jane] Harman or for CAIR seems immaterial. The questions reflected a cross section of points of view, some liberal and some conservative, and it was helpful for Republican voters to see how the candidates dealt with them (I thought they did well).”Meanwhile, NRO‘s Ramesh Ponnuru thinks that the controversy over questioners benefits [Rudy] Giuliani: “I said that yesterday was a good day for Giuliani, appearances to the contrary notwithstanding. I think today is another one. The buzz among conservatives is about CNN’s perfidy — and not about his answers on abortion and guns. If I were Giuliani, I’d make sure to denounce CNN myself.”http://blogometer.nationaljournal.com/archives/2007/11/1130_the_least.html

Hillary’s Plant-Gate, Revisited, Again.

 Will Hillary point her finger and say, “I never told that gay General Kerr to call CNN with that question”?  At least this takes the focus off Hillary for a few days, and now with the writers strike, no more Democratic debates until the Iowa caucus.  Could they have planned it any better?

Hillary honcho Howard Wolfson has stated, “Keith Kerr is not a campaign employee and was not acting on behalf of the campaign.”Chris Matthews, a guest during the segment at the time, was unimpressed.CHRIS MATTHEWS: Well “employee” could be a weasel word, too. I mean, he’s not being paid? Well that’s not the question that was asked.Note also what Wolfson didn’t say. He didn’t claim the Clinton campaign was unaware of what Kerr was up to, nor did he say that the campaign hadn’t encouraged him to do this. “Not acting on behalf of the campaign” is a meaningless non-denial denial.

Editor’s Note (Ken Shepherd 08:18): It should be noted that CNN’s Anderson Cooper quipped in a recent interview with Townhall’s Mary Katharine Ham that “campaign operatives are people too,” justifying political hacks posing questions at debate forums.

This fits in with Novak’s reference to “Agents” of Hillary Clinton.

WOW! Obama Unauthorized Video On You Tube – Must See!!!

This is one of the most impressive pieces of unauthorized video I ever see.  Check it out quick before the Clintonists force YouTube to take it down.  A classic updated.


An the associated story here:  http://abcnews.go.com/Politics/story?id=2963398&page=1

YouTube is where its at this campaign.