The Liberal Philosophy

This page is dedicated to the philosophy of the Liberal, done in an effort to help folks better understand why liberals think the way they do.  Let’s begin with a simple definition of a Liberal.  Generally this is any person who has the follow two values, 1) Redistribution of the wealth; and 2) they truely believe they know what is best for everyone else, regardless of what you value or believe.  In my further installments I will continue to espouse on the liberal philosophy and give concrete examples of real world persons that reflect that philosophy.

What Liberals Say vs. Don’t Say

When listening to liberals one must be careful to listen for what they don’t say.  The reason for this is liberals have a very difficult time talking directly to an issue.  Take for example, Hillary’s explanation of her support for or against drivers license for illegals.  She talked around the issue say she either did or didn’t support it, but understood how Spitzer could support it, because he was faced with a problem created by the Bush administration.  Liberals always seem to be looking over their mental shoulders or sniffing the political air. 

Here’s a great Liberal quote, “I like to think of America as a suffering patient, where Hillary is an experienced doctor. What we need here is some good medicine.”

Like the typical Liberal, their philosophy is to convince the public that they are sick, poor, down trodden, and generally worse off than they really are.  And government (aka, Hillary’s “village”) is always the answer.

37 Responses

  1. And the conservative philosophy is “I’ve got mine. F— you.”

    Now that we’ve established subtlety and accuracy isn’t this blog, what’s left?

  2. Thanks for you good reporting and spot on analysis, Night Train.
    Ed Darell, you shmuck, you don’t even read. Democrats are the party of the wealthy elite and serve the wealthiest districts.

  3. Let me make sure I’ve got your logic right: Democrats really represent the rich people, and the rich people are all for wealth redistribution?

    One doesn’t need a class in formal or informal logic to see the hole there.

  4. It’s not their wealth they are redistributing, it’s the middle class’ wealth. Now do you get it?

  5. democract = socialist, right?

    You have your opinions but here’s one for you: what parties do you like going to? Ones hosted by those who are republicans or those hosted by liberals?

  6. I have to be honest with you, I have more fun at the Progressive Democrats’ parties.

  7. Mick:

    I agree, but the republicans usually have the better alcohol!!

  8. Right again. And Cuban cigars!

  9. Generally the Political Night Train applies the cold beer test. Given who attends the party, would you drink a cold beer with them.

  10. You are seriously full of crap.

    Please go back to your double-wide!

  11. One man’s crap is another man’s grist.

  12. I’ve got a humidor full of Cuban cigars, and some Black Seal Rum, key limes and Mountain Dew for Mohitas. Fidel is rotting right now with maggots crawling around in his belly.

  13. Sounds like a party.

  14. And we’ll be partying when Obama beats Hillary in delegates before their big convention.

    Next, we’ll party when McCain/Romney or McCain/Rice win the presidency.

    We need a lot of cigars my man!

  15. Cigars, Rum, and a victory. My kind of party. Checkout the American Power blog at

    How about McCain/Liberman?

  16. I like it. You are an astute man of letters, economics and politics. American Power is a great name as well.

    I like McCain/Lieberman.

    A dream ticket would be McCain/Schwarzenneger, but that has a constitutional problem, of course.

    Now I’m thinking it will be McCain/Perry (the governor of Texas) may be the one.

  17. “#
    Ed Darrell, on November 18th, 2007 at 8:20 am Said:

    And the conservative philosophy is “I’ve got mine. F— you.”

    Now that we’ve established subtlety and accuracy isn’t this blog, what’s left?”

    I disagree. Conservative Philosophy is stick to traditional values.

  18. A Liberal is a person so generous that he will give you the shirt off of someone else’s back.

  19. ha ha, neddy

    You know, I don’t pretend to talk for anyone besides myself (unlike you fellas who seem pretty content to stand your little selves on the shoulders of some fairly big and numerous ignoramuses and a-holes) but if I was trying to make a statement about liberalism or conservatism I’d of come with some real facts not a series of one-liners you’d squeezed out of Bill O’Reilly’s ass.


  20. A Liberal is a person so ignorant that he cannot express himself without using vulgarities.

    • Right on brother!!..As a Conservative, I’ve always respected the other
      parties opinions. And, I have no problem even talking to them!..just
      talk nice, don’t get into a panic and they usually do calm down!…
      What usually shuts liberals up is when I tell them: “I may disagree with what you say, but, I’ll fight to the death your right to say it!”…with that, they usually want to give me a big hug!, I never ever have a problem talking to liberals. I really enjoy listening to their logic, thus, making us all pals, even though we do disagree!…my daughters in-laws are devout California liberals and when we all talk politics we never ever have a problem!..I really do want to hear what Liberals have to say, especially when I’m related to them!..

  21. A Liberal is a person so ignorant that he cannot express himself without using vulgarities.

    Richard Cheney. Richard Nixon. George W. Bush. Raymond Donovan. John McCain. Donald Rumsfeld.

    A conservative is someone who has no answer other than one-liners that come from the place Marc specified, and so tries to deflect the obviously true charge of prevarication by pointing to the straight language in which the claim was made.

    Would “anal orifice” have been a good, non-profane phrase to substitute for the euphemism “ass?”

  22. Right, liberal vulgarities…

    Bill O’Reilly say what then?

  23. To, Ed Darrell,
    Well, here is how it goes with us conservatives.
    I got mine by working how about you working for yours and leave mine alone.
    Land of the free was never meant to be welfare……

  24. Wow ! That was unbiased. Such is the position of the modern american, pick the side I most identify with and attack the other. “I don’t like you, I don”t understand you, I hate you”. Like a bunch of scared little kids. Left, right, conservative, liberal, you’re all a bunch of crying little sissies.

  25. I love the comment that says ‘Next, we’ll party when McCain/Romney or McCain/Rice win the presidency.’
    It makes me laugh.

  26. Ed,
    This is what we believe.

    Top Ten Conservative Beliefs
    1. The rights of the individual are supreme. We are endowed by our creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Individuals living in a free society should therefore make every effort to place and ensure limitations on their government. The First Congress of the United States recognized this supposition, and passed a Bill of Rights which both clarifies the rights of individuals and places restrictions on government.

    2. All persons are created equal, and are of equal and inestimable worth. Any government program which seeks to discriminate against or in favor of a person on the sole basis of race or ethnicity should never be tolerated.

    3. The money one earns as the result of his work and industriousness, and the goods he acquires with that money, are his private property. Tax systems should never be designed to appropriate one’s private property for the purpose of distributing that property to another person who has done nothing to earn it. Nor should personal achievement be punished or discouraged by confiscatory taxation. The Fifth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution declares, in part, that private property shall not be taken for public use, without just compensation. One’s earnings are his private property, and taxes should therefore only be collected through consumer activity.

    4. Wealth is created only by private enterprise. A society flourishes best in an atmosphere where competition is encouraged, and citizens are properly rewarded for their excellence. The government does not create wealth, and should therefore only do the things the private sector can not or will not do. Public services the government should provide for its citizens include a standing army, law enforcement and other such protections, roadways, and schools. The government should never raise more money than is required to find direct, basic services.

    5. The best parents for a child are that child’s parents. The government should never create programs which usurp the duty of parents. Although the government should provide good schools and staff them with competent teachers, parents should bear the primary responsibility for their children’s well-being and education. The role of discipline must be shouldered by the parents, and parents should send their children to school with the clear understanding that they are there to learn. Our teachers are not daycare providers. In addition, a child’s character and moral underpinnings should be instilled by his parents — not the public education system.

    6. Private charities, religious or otherwise, are necessary institutions in a free society, because they are designed to extend benevolence to individuals who are temporarily in need. Charities exist because individuals are compelled, by their own desire, to share a portion of their own money (not other people’s money) with the full faith that those charities will spend that money wisely, frugally, and solely for the purposes which they advertise. The government should therefore only provide social services in very limited cases to those individuals who absolutely cannot help themselves. The welfare state is anathema to a free, capitalist society.

    7. Elected officials and government employees are public servants, and should never concern themselves with improving anyone’s life. Americans have the distinct privilege of residing in a country where we, and only we, decide what improves our lives. Although no one can be promised and equal outcome life, everyone should be afforded equal opportunity to pursue happiness for himself and his family. Therefore, no citizen seeking public office should ever do so under the pretense that he will take property from one and give that property to another in order to improve his life. An elected official’s primary concern should be to facilitate and perpetuate the free society to which he belongs.

    8. Governments do have their place, do provide some worthwhile services, and taxes are therefore necessary. However, those charged with the power to levy taxes should recognize foremost that their fellow citizens have many obligations, goals, and priorities for themselves and their families which are tantamount to funding the government.

    9. Immigrants are welcome, but the government has the duty to place restrictions on immigration, and should do whatever is necessary to execute those restrictions. Those who seek to immigrate into the United States in order to enjoy our freedoms and opportunities must do so legally, and with the understanding that they will be expected to support themselves and their families, live by our laws, pay their taxes, and learn our language.
    10. There is a Supreme Being, and there are very clear distinctions between right and wrong. This is why laws are necessary. In addition, the government should never make laws which restrict or even discourage the free exercise of religion.

    • Conservaitves live in an idealist, ignorant and fantasy world were everyone is born on an equal playing field.

  27. Our fathers worked and died with the ethic and motivation that the United States would be the most prosperous and humane culture that had ever existed. That dream manifested- for the very few. In the vision of our fathers, the prosperity which they envisioned was for all citizens and not for an elite group. It was to escape the elite that this country was formed. Liberty and freedom was liberty and freedom from elitism. Now this dream has been stolen again by the elite. This mortally won treasure must now be shared as it was intended to be. Shared wealth is not a doctrine but an economic and moral necessity. The irony that the wealthy would dissent and the sycophants of the wealthy would dissent against these premises to gain the favor of the wealthy is that nothing at all would change for them. They would still be wealthier than all others as they are now; their relative wealth would remain the same. In fact, the wealthy would be benefitted by increased sales caused by an influx of money to the lower classes, which constitute the largest portion of society. The poor may be financially benefitted without altering the status quo. It is simply that a disproportionate amount of the actual wealth of the world is being held by too few, and the financial suffering of the masses is costing all except a tiny handful of people. Even a large portion of the wealthy are being left out of an enterprise which basically amounts to trading other’s blood for money. Can the teeming billions of this planet allow such villainy to continue? Secrecy is the only defense of a scoundrel, and the light of truth seres all vampires, for when the people finally see nothing may stop them from their quest for justice. The evil must win every time; the good must only win once. This change must occur without violence on the part of the masses. The few who hold our wealth will fight to keep it. They will threaten and kill to hold to something which was never theirs, but we must not. Their ruthlessness will only enflame the outrage against them, and their tantrums will dissolve like mist at the rising of the sun. It is for love that we share the wealth, and it is through spiritual love that we shall accomplish this and forever maintain this just and logical state of affairs.

  28. liberal philosophy helps people to be influencial thinkers and i fully agree with the information on the internet

  29. liberal philosophy helps people to become influencial thinkers

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