Why Does Barack Obama Associate With Black Bigots?

Another great article by John Ridley

 This one concerns Obama’s support by a black minister who is openly anti-gay.  Oh Liberals, where forth arth thou rage? Among the great advice my father gave me as a child — besides never buy tires at full price — was that the only thing lower than a car dealer is a used car dealer, and car dealers are scum of the earth.

To paraphrase — the only thing worse than a bigot is a black bigot…

And to take it a step further would be to include a black bigot who drapes himself in the cloth and hates in the name of the Lord.

And, yet, there is Donnie McClurkin who’s planning an SRO three day stand with the brother who would be president, Barack Obama.

A lot of folks are calling McClurkin anti gay or a gay hater or a straight out homophobe ’cause he says that he’s in a “war” against homosexuality, and homosexuality is a choice and gays can be fixed.

A lot like, I’m sure, Ann Coulter would tell you Jews can be perfected — and while we’re on the subject of the absurd, the Patriots can be beaten because their passing offense really can be stopped.


With Obama coming under fire for including a hate monger in his Compassion and Unity tour, McClurkin shot back at all the anti-hata haters and said that his comments were taken out of context.

A lot like, I’m sure, Bill O’Reilly will tell you his comments are often taken out of context.

McClurkin feeling that gays can be perfected does not come from nowhere. According to McClurkin, as a child he was raped by a male family member, which so affected him, he “became” a gay man for some 20 years before religion helped “straighten” him. I want to stress very, very emphatically that a young person being molested by ANYONE is beyond humorless. It is sick and depraved.

But as far as McClurkin becoming gay as a result, then later having ministry cure him, well…

A lot like, I’m sure, Ted Haggard would tell you a little church can cure you of the need to have your gay masseuse sell you a little meth.

According to a piece in the Chicago Trib, McClurkin now says he is straight and that his ministry is open to those who say they no longer want to live as a gay person. What he doesn’t do, he says, is crusade against homosexuality.

And for the record, my house is open to all people who no longer want to be redheads. If you’re a redhead, then get the F out! But I’m certainly not crusading against redheads.

And this is the guy Obama’s gonna share a stage with?

In an official statement Obama has said that he “strongly disagrees” with Reverend McClurkin’s views, yet he still intends to share a stage with him.

But, Barack, you can’t say you strongly disagree with the head of the Klan, then invite him on stage just ’cause he knows his way around a Johnny Cash song (no disrespect to the late Johnny Cash or his family, just the first singer who popped into my head). http://www.huffingtonpost.com/john-ridley/donnie-mcclurkin-and-perf_b_69772.html 

Why Are Liberals So Afraid of Baby Jesus?

By John RidleyHe was America’s first born again president. He was deacon of a Baptist church that — during his bid for presidency — he had to sever his membership with because they would not allow blacks to become members.Shades of Huckabee.Shades of Romney.But I’m talking about Jimmy Carter who was then, as he remains now, a hero of the liberal fringe. The far left has no problem with Carter’s faith, and never feared that he would be more of a theologian than politician.And yet…Huckabee runs a Christmas-themed ad. The liberals see a floating cross, and believe that alone make the man unfit to be president. Instead, I think that makes some on the far left too paranoid to trust with a vote.The floating cross as subliminal imagery of Christ? How about that huge Christ – mas(s) tree sitting over Hukabee’s shoulder as actual imagery of Christ? You know, just like the tree that sits at the White House in Washington where all the government offices are shut down on Dec. 25 — the day we celebrate as the birth of baby Jesus.And yet, despite the fact the majority of us acknowledge Christmas in some way, in typically liberal fashion the fringe uses the censorship of political correctness to turn “Merry Christmas” in a verboten phrase.What’s particularly galling is the left’s selective prosecution of religiosity. There is, as first mentioned, Jimmy Carter and his faith which causes no liberal ripples. And few liberals batted an eye when Barack Obama launched his Embrace the Change tour with black ministers — despite the fact one was (and still is) a homophobe. When Harold Ford Jr. ran a political ad filmed in a church there wasn’t a word of derision spoken from the left as they knew such an ad would pull votes for Mr. Ford in Tennessee. And during their presidential runs no one on the left accused the reverends Jackson or Sharpton of being too tied to the cloth.As a cohost of MSNBC’s Morning Joe I’ve had the opportunity to talk to Governor Huckabee on a couple of occasions. He’s no zealot. I don’t agree with Huckabee on every issue. But, then, I don’t agree with any candidate on every issue. Huckabee does agree that Jimi Hendrix was probably the greatest guitarist ever which is not a reason to vote for him, but certainly a reason to at least give a listen to what he has to say. And during his tenure as Governor Huckabee didn’t exactly turn Arkansas into a theocracy.If I could give the Governor one tip to quiet his critics, it would be to run an ad somewhere acknowledging the start of Kwanzaa on Dec. 26th.By the way, how many of you liberals even knew on what day Kwanzaa began?If the far left were smart, instead of continuing to make religion a wedge issue, they would — as Obama has smartly tried to do — take religion off the table by displaying their faith. The majority of this quadrennial’s Republican candidates have already proven what an empty phrase “family values” is. By taking away religion, it leaves the Republicans the battlefield of the economy, Iraq and foreign policy on which to fight for the presidency.
And that’s a field on which the Democrats could certainly win.