Oprah Sounds Black in South Carolina, Oh My!

Oprah gave a rousing intro for Senator Obama in South Carolina this past weekend.  She wowed the crowd and probably generated enough new support for Obama to put, and keep him in first place in South Carolina.  But in the process, Oprah did something  she has not done on her TV program, and it just might loose Obama some of his support.  In South Carolina, before a largely black and female audience, Oprah sounded black.  This seemed to be very natural for her, given that her TV audience, both live in the studio, and at home, is largely white.  Political Night Train predicts that this is the first and last time anyone will see Oprah give the kind of performance she gave in South Carolina.  When we next see Oprah, her talk will be back to her carefully scripted TV image.  Sort of like Hillary speaking Southern when in South Carolina.

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